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Scholars.Direct [Scholars(dot)Direct] is a non-profit scientific publishing organization which has the wider portfolio of journals on a single open access platform. At Scholars.Direct, we mainly focus on building, learning and updating the techniques of various recent findings across the globe in different disciplines. All articles published by Scholars.Direct will undergo peer review and upon acceptance are immediately and permanently free for everyone to read and download.

Authors publishing with Scholars.Direct retain the copyright to their work, licensing it under the Creative Commons Attribution License which allows articles to be re-used and re-distributed without restriction, as long as the published article is correctly cited. Scholars.Direct has high quality peer-reviewed journals including broad interest titles in multidisciplinary aspects of science, medicine, and engineering disciplines.

Chief Editors

Dr. John E Nathan

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Otolaryngology Research and Reviews

Dr. Trevor Archer

University of Gothenburg

Archives of Addiction and Rehabilitation

Dr. Ephraim Suhir

Portland State University

Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

Dr. James Harold Clarke

Vanderbilt University

Advances in Environmental Studies

Prof. A C Matin

Stanford University School of Medicine

Archives of Gene and Genome Research

Prof. Hans Laufer

University of Connecticut

Journal of Cell and Developmental Biology

Dr. Eugene Stephane Mananga

New York University

Journal of Molecular Physics

Dr. Xiao-Hua Yu

California Polytechnic State University

Journal of Robotics and Automation

Dr. Petersen Dan

University of Cincinnati

Journal of Plant Pathology Research

Dr. Jong In Kim

Wonkwang University

Archives of Community Medicine

Design and Analysis of Drive Mechanism of Piping Robot

Decai Zhu, et al. 2019

Review Article   |   DOI:

Optimizing Support and Hope: The Process of Self-Care among Women with HIV/AIDS

Farzaneh Kashefi, et al. 2019

Research Article   |   DOI:

How Droughts Influence Earthquakes

Diandong Ren and Rong Fu 2019

Research Article   |   DOI:

Prostacyclin Activates Survivin Pathway to Enhance Embryo Development

BK Schniers, et al. 2019

Original Research Article   |   DOI: 10.36959/983/635

Effects of Non-Focused ELF-EMF Treatment on EEG: Preliminary Study

Alessandro Greco, et al. 2019

Research Article   |   DOI: 10.36959/817/524

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