Case Report

Revisiting Sebaceous Adenoma: Case Report and Discussion

Sebaceous adenomas are rare adnexal tumors that are associated with Muir-Torre syndrome. Although sebaceous adenomas are considered benign entities, t... Read more


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Postural Stability and Academic Achievements among Fifth Graders: An Experimental Field Study

Postural stability was previously associated with academic achievements among primary school children, but only little is known on how cognitive-motor... Read more


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Study on Leaching and Biosorption Processes of some Economic Metals using Escherichia coli from Laterite Ore, Sinia, Egypt

The potentiality of Escherichia coli dead biomass for biosorption of rare earth elements (REEs) and uranium (VI) from chloride leach liquor of laterit... Read more


Case Report

Primary Renal Ewing Sarcoma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Primary Ewing sarcoma of the kidney is an extremely rare and aggressive tumor affecting young adults. We present the case of a 22-year-old male with p... Read more


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The EU 2030 Renewable Energy Vision - Can it be more Ambitious?

Setting a renewable energy (RE) target necessitates a comprehensive assessment of its impacts on the energy system and at the macroeconomic level in t... Read more


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The Non-existence of Quantum Non-locality Based on Photonic Propagation

As soon as pairs of down-converted frequency photons are generated in a nonlinear crystal, the photons interact, individually, with the linear suscept... Read more


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Intrapleural Administration of Fibrinolytic Enzymes as an Adjunct Therapy of Parapneumonic Purulent Pleural Exudation: Does it Affect Outcome?

In this comparable study, sixty patients were studied between March 2016 to November 2018. All of them were diagnosed having parapneumonic purulent pl... Read more


Short Note

Predicted Useful Lifetime of Aerospace Electronics Experiencing Ionizing Radiation: Application of BAZ Model

The objective of the analysis is to demonstrate how the Boltzmann-Arrhenius-Zhurkov (BAZ) model, originally suggested by Zhurkov in the kinetic concep... Read more


Research Article

Fully Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Modelling of the Initial Phase of the Friction Stir Welding Process Using Finite Element Analysis

In the present study a finite element model of the FSW process is built and a FSW but weld of two aluminium alloy 2024-T3 plates is simulated using a ... Read more


Original Research Article

Effect of Respirable Coal Mine Dust and Quartz on Lung Function Parameters of German Coalminers: A Longitudinal Study 1974-2004

Longitudinal inception cohort study (1974-2004) on miners who started working underground at two coal mines in Germany between 1974 and 1979. From the... Read more