Retrospective Study

A Retrospective Analysis of the Trajectory of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Patients between their Last Spine Surgery and Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal surgery for patients with degenerative lumbar spine disorder has a high success rate, but some patients experience postoperative back and leg p... Read more


Research Article

Routine Probiotics Decrease the Incidence of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants < 1000 Grams

Retrospective cohort study of infants born < 32 weeks of gestation between 1st of November 2011 and 31st of October 2013. Data were collected over two... Read more


Research Article

Internalized Stigma and Quality of Life of People with Mental Illness at Dilla University Referral Hospital, South Ethiopia., 2017: A Cross Sectional Study

Mental illness is an important determinant of quality of life of individuals. There are different factors associated with mental illness that can pote... Read more


Original Research Article

An Implementation of Electronic Passport Scheme Using Encrypted Security Along with Multiple Biometrics

Within the next year, travellers from dozens of nations may be carrying a new form of a passport. Electronic passports have known a wide and fast depl... Read more


Review Article

Neuroprotective and Anti-Inflammatory Properties from the Bioactive Constituents of Myracrodruon Urundeuva, a Brazilian Medicinal Species

Myracrodruon urundeuva Fr. All. (Anacardiaceae) is largely used, by the Northeast Brazil population, for its anti-inflammatory actions, already confir... Read more


Research Article

Inter-Observer Reliability of Physical Examination in the Painful Shoulder: Supraspinatus Tendinopathy

Our hypothesis is that there is enough concordance in the implementation and interpretation of the orthopaedic maneuvers by expert explorers. The aim ... Read more


Review Article

Business Contributions to Sustainable Development: A Study of Leading US Retailers

There is an increasing recognition of the role businesses can play in contributing to the transition to a more sustainable future and a growing number... Read more


Case Report

Serotonin Syndrome: Fairly Common but Frequently Forgotten

The authors presented a case of serotonin syndrome cause by drug interaction. The patient is presented with classical features of the syndrome with hy... Read more


Research Article

The Lived Experience of African American Women with Lymphedema

African American women have a greater number of aggressive cancer treatments and higher incidence of Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema (BCRLE) than Cau... Read more


Original Article

High Performance Components by Powder Metallurgy

Ferrous powder metallurgy (P/M) has advanced significantly over the past thirty years as a cost effective and efficient processing technique to make i... Read more