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Journal of Soil and Water Science

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Journal of Soil and Water Science is an open access, peer reviewed journal that publishes novel research in various multi-disciplines such as chemistry, physics, biology, ecology of soils, surface waters and wetlands. It also discuses new scope or advancements in inter related disciplines such as soil and aquatic chemistry, hydrology, limnology, soil-plant relations, biogeochemistry, bioremediation, geomicrobiology, contaminant fate and transport, water resources management, hill slope processes, soil genesis, soil mineralogy and geomorphology, etc.

The journal brings new insights in the field of soil science and water science encouraging various types of manuscript forms such as original, reviews, rapid communications, opinions, perspectives, commentaries and letters. All the submitted manuscripts undergo peer review processing by international peers and independent reviewers to ensure the quality of published manuscripts.

The journal content is made available without any restriction barriers when cited under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License.

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Prof. Michael Thomas Aide

Department of Agriculture
Southeast Missouri State University
United States of America
Tel: 573-651-2796

Dr. David Arthur Sampson

Senior Scientist
Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability
Arizona State University
United States of America
Tel: 480-254-7171

Prof. Laodong Guo

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
School of Freshwater Sciences
United States of America
Tel: 414-382-1742

Prof. Hongbing Sun

Department of Geological, Environmental, and Marine Sciences
Rider University
United States of America

Prof. Andrew Kusiak

Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
University of Iowa Informatics Initiative
United States of America
Tel: 319-335-5934

Prof. Mohamed Abou El Fetouh Barakat

Department of Environmental Sciences
King Abdulaziz University
Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966-507176783

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Latest Articles

Review Article

Assessment of Soil Moisture Content Measurement Methods: Conventional Laboratory Oven versus Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Moisture content is a critical factor that affects the engineering behavior of soils, especially cohesive soils. Therefore, the monitoring and determi... Read more


Original Research

Ameliorative Effects of Coffee Husk Compost and Lime Amendment on Acidic Soil of Haru, Western Ethiopia

A pot experiment was conducted to assess the effects of coffee husk compost, lime and their combinations on chemical properties of acidic soil and cof... Read more


Research Article

Modeling Distribution of Potassium in the Soil in Under Drip Irrigation

In recent years, use of drip irrigation has been increased for many products, in a wide range of soil textures and structures. So far, any model has n... Read more


Research Article

Survival of Generic Escherichia coli and Salmonella in Oregon’s Agricultural Soils

Establishment of foodborne pathogens in agricultural production areas (orchards, fields) has been linked to produce-related outbreaks. The source of c... Read more


Research article

Sensitivity towards Nitrate: Comparison of Groundwater versus Surface Water Crustaceans

Groundwater pollution with Nitrate represents a rising environmental problem, which might even be intensified by climate change. In this study, the ac... Read more


Research Article

Influence of Soil Particle Size Distribution on Groundwater Quality around Industrial Areas of Oshodi-Lagos Nigeria

Around industrial areas of Oshodi are differences in groundwater quality based on physical assessment. These industries claimed that their activities... Read more


Research Article

Groundwater Evolutionary Processes and Quality Characterization: A Case of Olbanita Aquifer System, Lower Baringo Basin, Kenya Rift

A hydro-geochemical relation has been hypothesized through the analyses of physico-chemical data of a fractured volcanic rock aquifer located in the ... Read more


Research Article

Neurocognitive Assessment of Ecuadorian Andean Children Living at High Altitude in the Cotopaxi Mountain Region

Previous studies have reported neurocognitive deficits in persons living at high altitudes. This study was conducted to assess the neurocognitive perf... Read more


Research Article

A Defunct Lead-Acid Battery Recycling May Lead Strong Soil Pollution: A Case of Study in Mexico

Inadequate waste management from the lead-acid battery recycling (LABR) industry can severely pollute the soil. This work aimed to assess heavy metal ... Read more


Review Article

Shaft Lengths and Shaft Development Types in the Vadose Zone of the Bakony Region (Transdanubian Mountains, Hungary)

The potential and explored lengths of the shafts of the Bakony Region were studied. Shaft patterns were distinguished with the help of shaft maps and ... Read more


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