Journal of Molecular Physics


  Dr. Eugene Stephane Mananga
  New York University, USA

About Journal

Journal of Molecular Physics is an open access, peer reviewed journal that brings novel insights in studying various physical properties of molecules the chemical bonds between atoms as well as the molecular dynamics. The journal covers multidisciplinary aspects including but not limited atomic physics and overlaps greatly with theoretical chemistry, physical chemistry and chemical physics.

All the published articles are made available without any restriction barriers to use and re use when cited under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License. All the received materials undergo evaluation by experienced world class editors and independent reviewers to ensure quality and scientific validity along with significant findings in the field.

The journal encourages submissions in various manuscript forms such as original, reviews, rapid communication, mini reviews, opinions, perspectives and other short articles.

Editorial Board

Prof. Eugene S Mananga

New York University
New York
United States of America
Tel: 718-289-5403

Prof. Enrico Benassi

University of Oklahoma
Oklahoma City
United States of America
Tel: 39-346-523-3784

Prof. Jianyong Li

Department of Biochemistry
Virginia Tech
United States of America
Tel: 540-231-1182

Prof. Salvatore Magazu

Department of Physics and Earth Sciences
University Of Messina Viale Ferdinando
Tel: 090-676-5025

Prof. Theo Odijk

Lorentz Institute for Theoretical Physics
Leiden University
Tel: 71-514-5346

Prof. Mauricio Alcolea Palafox

Chemical Physics
Department of Physical Chemistry
Complutense University of Madrid

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Latest Articles of Molecular Physics

Original Article

Analysis and Modeling of Spectral Line Shapes of Collision-Induced Light Scattering of Gaseous Xenon

Collision-induced light scattering spectra of gaseous xenon at room temperature are analyzed in terms of different literature and new interatomic pote... Read more


Review Article

Some Aspects and Progress in the Description of the Scaling Born Positron Approach

We discuss recent developments in the implementation of the scaling Born positron (SBP) approach (Chin.J.Phys.54(2016)104) for electronic excitation o... Read more


Research Article

Accurate Evaluation of Dynamics and Specific Interactions in PLA/TiO2 Nanocomposites

Near infrared spectroscopy in the transmission mode was used to study the effect of the presence of TiO2 nanoparticles on the dynamics of Polylactic A... Read more


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