Editorial Guidelines

Editors play an important but not direct roles in supporting veracity in research have major and minor noticeable roles in maintaining the reliability of scientific literature. Editorial moves can change the fate of a journal significantly over time. The individuality status and exertion habits of the lead editor play major roles in setting the editorial pitch. The short guide aims in summarizing the key factors an Editor must understand and follow.

General Responsibilities

1. Initially assess the journal when you take over the new role. After understanding the functionality of the journal submission systematic and related timelines audit the drawbacks of the process and ensure to develop an improvised system.

2. Relationship between fellow editors must be optimized. Respect and try to understand their perceptions when a counter reviews arise for a single manuscript.

3. Relationship between outgoing and incoming Editors must be clean. If any Editor would like to resign the position, he/she must make sure of clearing the assigned tasks clearly before they leave.

4. Recommend potential contributors and fellow colleagues to either contribute or join the Journal Board.

5. Contribute manuscripts timely to support journal issues.

6. Assess the quality of the manuscripts flow in the Journal.

Factors to be considered while providing Review Comment Decisions

1. Check if the submission is original or plagiarized.

2. How much the text is revised? Whether all the comments have been addressed.

3. If the manuscript have any breach of copyright issues.

4. The article type mentioned is related or not. Whether the manuscript is under research or non research category.

5. Whether the study is scientifically validated, cleanly presented, for example, if the sample data presented and the size are adequate. The reason supporting the study is clearly distinguished and last but not the least assess if the study sufficiently knowledge the important concerns of the society and make an acceptance.

6. Justify and provide unbiased reviews so that the author may improve the quality of his/her manuscript. Denote the key drawbacks so that the author concentrates on building them up.

Relationship with Authors

Editors hold responsible for everything they publish and should therefore all reasonable steps to ensure the quality of the manuscript. They must address they key comments point to point and at any point of any clarifications, an editor must respond to the editorial office clarifying the related raised queries.

An author's work must be assessed with care and all the comments raised must be provided with valid reasons or any example links for ensuring authors to follow with an ease.

Editors must maintain clear conversations with the Editorial office. If incase of any delay associated with the decision making must inform editorial office as the delay may lead to the withdrawal of the manuscript.

For all the comments that read a decision "Rejected", valid reasons must be provided so that they are conveyed to the author's while rejection of the manuscript. This will help the authors to work on the factors of rejection and resubmit to alternative journals.

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