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Clinical Pediatrics and Research is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal publishing novel pediatric research dealing with the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents, and the age limit usually ranges from birth up to 18 years of age. Pediatric research and serves as a practical guide for pediatricians who manage health and diagnose and treat disorders in infants, children, and adolescents. The journal publishes original work, reviews, cases, opinions and perspectives based on standards of excellence and expert review.

Through a rigorous process of evaluation and peer review, Clinical Pediatrics and Research attempts to publish pediatric research of the highest value for a diverse audience of pediatric healthcare professionals. All the content published with us is open and freely accessible under the guidelines of Creative Common Attribution License.

Clinical Pediatrics and Research is an open access, peer reviewed, scholarly journal dedicated to publish articles in all areas of clinical and surgical pediatric medicine and child health.

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Prof. Laida Restrepo

Department of Speech and Hearing Science
Arizona State University
United States of America

Dr. John Dorland Rowlett

Pediatric Emergency Medicine
St. Joseph-Candler Hospital
United States of America
Tel: 912-655-1028

Prof. Bing Wang

Professor and Head
Department of Physiology and Nutrition
Charles Sturt University
Tel: +61-2-6933-4549

Dr. Falsaperla Raffaele

Preventing and Social Paediatrics
University of Catania
Tel: 3382756653

Dr. Zhihui Liu

Pediatric Oncology Branch
National Cancer Institute
United States of America
Tel: 301-496-2321

Dr. Francesco Nappi

Departments of Cardiothoracic
Centre Cardiologique du Nord St Denis

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Latest Articles

Retrospective Analysis of out-of-Hospital Paediatric Intubation by a Dutch Helicopter Emergency Medical Service

Moors Xavier RJ, et al. 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/395/509

Complete Blood Count (CBC): Automated versus Manual Differential

Henry J Simon and Michael W Simon 2019

Article type: Short Note   |     10.36959/395/508

A Giant Bleeding Pancreatic Pseudocyst after a Blunt Traumatism in a Thirteen Year-Old Child

Veronica Alonso, et al. 2019

Article type: CLINICAL IMAGE   |     10.36959/395/506

Pathogen Prevalence and Treatment of UTI in Children after Ureter Anastomosis

Xie Qigen, et al. 2019

Article type: Original Research   |     10.36959/395/505

Risk Factors for Mortality in Low Birth Weight Infants at Harare Hospital (Maternity Unit), Zimbabwe

Loyce T Zvenyika - Hlatywayo, et al. 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/395/504

Depressed Nasal Bridge in Pediatric Orthopaedic Practice: A Review

N K Sferopoulos 2019

Article type: Review Article   |     10.36959/395/503

Congenital Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria: A Report of Three Cases

Eugene Vernyuy Yeika, et al. 2019

Article type: Case Series   |     10.36959/395/502

What's Your Diagnosis? A 7-Year-Old Boy with a White Hair Patch on the Head for Three Months

Ahdi Amer and Watcharoot Kanchongkittiphon 2019

Article type: Case Report   |     10.36959/395/501

Use Overview of Pediatric "Dental-Voucher" in Portugal

Tammy Messias Takara, et al. 2019

Article type: Review Article   |     10.36959/395/500

Qualitative Analysis of Interpersonal Oral Health Communication between Providers and Caregivers in the Medical Home: A Pilot Study

Melani B Decker, et al. 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/395/499