Publication charges

The Scholars.Direct journals are peer reviewed and all articles published in our journals are open access and freely available online, immediately upon publication. We do not charge the end user when accessing a manuscript or any article published in our journals. The authors of article retain the copyright of the published work.

This is made possible by an Article Publication Charge that covers the range of publishing services we provide. It covers the editorial, archival, production costs of the journal and payments to electronic citation databases like CrossRef and other publishing partners. The Article Publication Charge is payable when your manuscript is editorially accepted and before publication.

Article Publication Charge vary by journal; Please find below the individual journal open price list.

Journal Publication Fee ($)
Advanced Techniques in Musculoskeletal Surgery $720
Advances in Animal Biotechnology $400
Advances in Environmental Studies $855
Advances in Laparoscopy $855
Advances in Leukemia Research and Treatment $2640
Advances in Metallurgical and Material Engineering $1100
Advances in Translational Medicine Research $550
Alzheimers Disease & Dementia $855
Annals of Atoms and Molecules $440
Annals of Breast Cancer and Therapy $3100
Annals of Cognitive Science $855
Annals of Endocrinology and Metabolism $680
Annals of Gynecology and Obstetrics $720
Annals of Heart $855
Annals of Lung Cancer $790
Annals of Material Science $400
Annals of Microbiology and Research $790
Annals of Minimally Invasive Surgeries $645
Annals of Nephrology $790
Annals of Public Health Reports $790
Annals of Pulmonology $720
Annals of Sleep Medicine $550
Annals of Toxicology $600
Archives of Addiction and Rehabilitation $720
Archives of Community Medicine $550
Archives of Crop Science $720
Archives of Family Medicine and General Practice $855
Archives of Gene and Genome Research $645
Archives of Immunology $550
Archives of Information Science and Technology $700
Archives of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery $855
Archives of Pediatric Surgery $790
Archives of Pure and Applied Chemistry $400
Archives of Sports Medicine $1100
Archives of Surgical Dermatology $680
Aspects of Nanotechnology $720
Chromatography and Spectroscopy Techniques $550
Clinical Diabetes and Research $1720
Clinical Hematology and Research $645
Clinical Journal of HIV & AIDS $1100
Clinical Pediatrics and Research $720
Current Research in Surface Chemistry $400
Current Trends in Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry $855
Dermatology Archives $1300
Emerging Trends in Kinetics and Thermodynamics $550
Insights of Agricultural Technologies $850
Insights of Anthropology $855
Insights of Bioinformatics $550
Insights of Biomedical Research $790
Insights of Forest Research $790
Insights of Neuro Oncology $720
Insights of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Science $700
Insights of Stem Cell Research and Therapy $700
Journal of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics $855
Journal of Atomic and Nuclear Physics $550
Journal of Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies $700
Journal of Bioengineering and Technology $400
Journal of Botany Research $720
Journal of Brain Cancer $700
Journal of Brain Disorders $790
Journal of Cardiothoracic Surgery and Therapeutics $720
Journal of Cell and Developmental Biology $750
Journal of Cervical Cancer Research $645
Journal of Clinical and Surgical Pathology $700
Journal of Clinical Anesthesia and Pain Management $855
Journal of Cosmetic Surgery $400
Journal of Depression and Anxiety Disorders $720
Journal of Drug Design and Development $850
Journal of Electronics and Communication $550
Journal of Fluid Dynamics $440
Journal of Gastroenterology Research $855
Journal of Gastrointestinal and Hepatic Surgery $680
Journal of Head and Neck Surgery $680
Journal of Healthcare $640
Journal of Horticultural Science and Research $1100
Journal of Human Nutrition $790
Journal of In Vitro Fertilization $750
Journal of Industrial Biotechnology $440
Journal of Marine Biology and Aquaculture Research $550
Journal of Molecular Physics $440
Journal of Mood Disorders and Therapy $645
Journal of Neurodegenerative Disorders $855
Journal of Neurosurgery Research and Reviews $680
Journal of Nursing and Practice $1100
Journal of Ophthalmic Research and Ocular Care $855
Journal of Ophthalmic Surgery $550
Journal of Oral Cancer and Research $645
Journal of Oral Healthcare $800
Journal of Orthopedic Surgery and Techniques $855
Journal of Orthopedics and Rheumatism $790
Journal of Pancreatic Cancer and Treatment $550
Journal of Pediatric Neurology and Neuroscience $2600
Journal of Physical Medicine $680
Journal of Plant Biotechnology Research $550
Journal of Plant Pathology Research $440
Journal of Psychiatry Treatment and Research $550
Journal of Renal Cancer $645
Journal of Renal Surgery $840
Journal of Rice Research and Developments $720
Journal of Robotics and Automation $790
Journal of Soil and Water Science $720
Journal of Surgical Endocrinology $550
Journal of Transplant Surgery $680
Otolaryngology Research and Reviews $855
Recent Advances in Photonics and Optics $680
Regenerative Medicine and Therapeutics $550
Reports in Gynecological Surgery $855
Research and Reviews of Infectious Diseases $1100
Scholarly Journal of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care $1100
Studies in Anatomy and Physiology $550
Translational Neuroscience Research and Reviews $645
Trends in Artificial Intelligence $720
Trends in Geriatric Healthcare $645
Vaccine Research and Development $700

Fast Track Review Process

Fast Track option ensures that your submitted paper for publication in our journal will be available online within 3 weeks. We work with additional resources and monitor the peer review and production processes to meet fast track turnaround times. Additional charge of $500 will be applicable for the manuscripts opted for Fast Track Review. Authors need to revise the paper in a specified timeline provided by the editor in case of Fast Track review process.

Waiver Policy

If an author would like their article to be published in Scholars.Direct, but cannot afford the Article Publication Charge, then individual waiver requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and may be granted in cases of genuine need. Priority for this waiver program will be given to students and young researchers.

If you have any questions about the publication charge and Fast Track review process, you can write to our APC dealing department (