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Annals of Cognitive Science is a scientific, open access, peer reviewed journal supports the scientific innovation and advancement in study of interdisciplinary aspects combining ideas and methods from psychology, computer science, linguistics, philosophy, and neuroscience. Cognitive Science combines multiple research disciplines including but not limit to Cognitive science consists of multiple research disciplines, including psychology, artificial intelligence, philosophy, neuroscience, linguistics, and anthropology.

Articles published in our journal include original research, brief reports, clinical reviews and updates, editorial commentary, case reports, clinical images, letters and papers devoted to continuing professional development. Our goal is to become a worldwide reference for education in the field for all professionals involved in the process of disseminating knowledge and skills of Cognitive Science.

The fundamental concept of journal is to build that "thinking can best be understood in terms of representational structures in the mind and computational procedures that operate on those structures".

Editorial Board

Prof. Elliott S White

Emertius Professor
Department of Political Science
Temple University
United States of America

Prof. Rosemarie Tong

Emeritus Professor
Department of Philosophy
UNC Charlotte
United States of America
Tel: 704-687-5207

Prof. Todd Oakley

Department of Cognitive Science
Case Western Reserve University
United States of America
Tel: 216-368-0798

Prof. Cathy Huaqing Qi

Department of Special Education
University of New Mexico
United States of America
Tel: 505-277-4452

Dr. Ronald T Brown

Professor and Dean
School of Allied Health Sciences
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
United States of America
Tel: 702-895-3696

Dr. Martin A Katzman

Clinical Director
Mood and Anxiety Disorders Clinic
Stress Trauma Anxiety Rehabilitation and Treatment
Toronto, Canada
Tel: 416-598-9344

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Latest Articles

Research Article

Female Officers on Board: Prejudices, Stereotypes and the Leadership Role

Seafaring is probably one of the most challenging working environments for a woman. For the last twenty years, women are increasing their presence in ... Read more


Review Article

Central Nervous System Model Theory- A Universal Model of all Neural Processes

To a first time examiner, our brains capabilities and functions would seem to differ between individuals. No two men are alike. Taking a step back, ho... Read more


Review Article

How Can We Better Understand, Identify, and Support Highly Gifted and Profoundly Gifted Students? A Literature Review of the Psychological Development of Highly-Profoundly Gifted Individuals and Overexcitabilities

Heightened sensitivity, heightened intensity, heightened awareness and advanced cognitive development, compared to chronological aged peers, distingui... Read more


Review Article

Long-Term Attachments and Complex Cognition in Birds and Humans are Linked to Pre-Reproductive Prosociality and Cooperation. Constructing a Hypothesis

Human prosociality has often been regarded as an important step towards the capacity for empathy; i.e. to think of others in compassionate and caring ... Read more


Review Article

The Theory of Positive Disintegration as Future-Oriented Psychology

This article presents Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD) as future-oriented psychology. According to Dabrowski, positive disintegra... Read more


Research Article

This paper tries to explain: How we tend to automatically ascribe mental representations to social actors on the basis of scripts, roles, categories ... Read more


Review Article

Decision-Making as a Self-Organizing Process

We present the analysis of the process of decision-making by applying the main concepts of complexity science linked with the theories of emotions. De... Read more


Research Article

Postural Stability and Academic Achievements among Fifth Graders: An Experimental Field Study

Postural stability was previously associated with academic achievements among primary school children, but only little is known on how cognitive-motor... Read more


Review Article

The Use of Eye-Tracking in the Investigation of Prelinguistic Infants: A Review

Advances in technology have yielded new techniques for investigating phenomena in the area of early childhood developmental science. Electronic eye-tr... Read more


Review Article

An Integrated Cognitive Perspective of Travel Motivation and Repeated Travel Behaviour

The present paper offers an integrated conceptual approach to the process model of travel motivation. It is important to understand why individuals ar... Read more


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