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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/360 Volume 6 Issue 1

A Review on Cognitive Evaluation Tools in the Context of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Authors: Marianna Karvani and Dorothea Kapoukranidou
There is emerging evidence that type 2 diabetes mellitus could predispose to cognitive impairment. Even though the disease effect on higher intellectual abilities takes time to evolve, an increasing b... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/359 Volume 6 Issue 1

Associations between Intelligence Quotient, Psychological Resilience and Low Socioeconomic Status: A Review

Authors: Sophia Sui and Lei Yu
The intelligence quotient (IQ) reflects the neurological networks of the brain, and is a useful proxy for human mental ability. Empirical evidence shows that IQ is an indicator of psychological resili... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/447/358 Volume 6 Issue 1

A Robust Vertical Handover Authentication Scheme for SDN Based 5G HetNets

Authors: Alican Ozhelvaci and Maode Ma
The fifth-generation mobile network is the next paradigm that is expected to bring solutions to the problem of the 4G technology. Also, the expectation is to have the fastest, most reliable network ac... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/447/357 Volume 6 Issue 1

Reexamining Opioid Receptors as Evidence of Conscious Pain States

Authors: Brandon Long
Pain researchers have relied on the inadequate evidence of the presence of opioid receptors in organisms as evidence of conscious pain through an argument by analogy. The argument by analogy proceeds ... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/447/356 Volume 6 Issue 1

Relationships between Age, Subjective Memory, Metacognition and Thought-Action Fusion

Authors: Metehan Irak
It is unclear how the relationships between age and metacognitive beliefs are affected by beliefs about memory. To examine this question, we measured beliefs about memory (reliability of memory and re... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/447/355 Volume 6 Issue 1

People with Dementia as Co-Researchers

Authors: Shyh Poh Teo
Dementia is a global epidemic and is the leading cause of disability among older people. A priority in dementia research is engagement of people with dementia. Stigma affects their participation in re... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/354 Volume 6 Issue 1

Prognostic Value of Neuropsychological Profile in the Progression from Mild Cognitive Impairment to Dementia: A Retrospective Study

Authors: João Moura, Sara Cavaco, Cláudia Pinto, Pedro Oliveira and Ricardo Taipa
Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and dementia, particularly Alzheimer´s disease (AD), encompass a spectrum of cognitive disfunction with severe impact and prevalence in the elderly. To study prognosti... Read more

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Retrospective Cohort Study   |   10.36959/447/353 Volume 6 Issue 1

Understanding Free Will as a Biological Phenomenon

Authors: Bjørn Grinde
The capacity for free will follows from the evolution of a conscious brain with additional power of rational thoughts and an awareness of self. Our free will is based on cognitive deliberation, which ... Read more

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Research Paper   |   10.36959/447/352 Volume 5 Issue 1

Hopes for The Future of Humanity

Authors: Krystyna C Laycraft
we present decisions and actions of people, who gave an enormous hope for the future of humanity and protection against Covid-19. Then we introduce the model of decision-making and discuss the concept... Read more

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Retrospective Cohort Study   |   10.36959/447/352 Volume 5 Issue 1

Stress-Associated Cognitive Impairments amongst Faculty of a Southern Nigeria University: Investigating the Effects of Perceived Stress on Cognition Scores

Authors: Promise Tamunoipiriala Jaja and Datonye Victor Dapper
Stress-induced cognitive-decline is emphasized by stress-hormone receptors presence in brain cognition-control areas in animal models; human studies are few. We established the burdens of stress and m... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/447/351 Volume 5 Issue 1

View of Self Scale: Measuring Negative Self-Referential Thoughts in Depression

Authors: Jennifer K Lehmann, Ph.D, James C Overholser, Ph.D, Alison Athey, Ph.D, Silvia Hernandez, M.A, Eleanor Beale, M.A and Josephine Ridley, Ph.D
Negative beliefs regarding the self are a key feature of depression, over and above beliefs about the future or beliefs about the world. A clinically relevant measure of self-view could help further u... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/447/350 Volume 4 Issue 1

Female Officers on Board: Prejudices, Stereotypes and the Leadership Role

Authors: Jose R Cordon, Nieves Endrina Sánchez and Jose M Mestre Navas
Seafaring is probably one of the most challenging working environments for a woman. For the last twenty years, women are increasing their presence in the fleet, particularly in western countries, but ... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/349 Volume 4 Issue 1

Central Nervous System Model Theory- A Universal Model of all Neural Processes

Authors: Maha Osman Mohamed Shangab
To a first time examiner, our brains capabilities and functions would seem to differ between individuals. No two men are alike. Taking a step back, however, and examining the human population, one can... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/348 Volume 4 Issue 1

How Can We Better Understand, Identify, and Support Highly Gifted and Profoundly Gifted Students? A Literature Review of the Psychological Development of Highly-Profoundly Gifted Individuals and Overexcitabilities

Authors: Vanessa R Wood and Krystyna C Laycraft
Heightened sensitivity, heightened intensity, heightened awareness and advanced cognitive development, compared to chronological aged peers, distinguish the highly-profoundly gifted child and permeate... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/347 Volume 4 Issue 1

Long-Term Attachments and Complex Cognition in Birds and Humans are Linked to Pre-Reproductive Prosociality and Cooperation. Constructing a Hypothesis

Authors: Gisela Kaplan
Human prosociality has often been regarded as an important step towards the capacity for empathy; i.e. to think of others in compassionate and caring ways. This ability, in turn, is related to social ... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/346 Volume 4 Issue 1

The Theory of Positive Disintegration as Future-Oriented Psychology

Authors: Krystyna C Laycraft
This article presents Dabrowski’s Theory of Positive Disintegration (TPD) as future-oriented psychology. According to Dabrowski, positive disintegration is characterized by a transition from narrow ... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/447/345 Volume 3 Issue 1

Authors: Cristiano Castelfranchi
This paper tries to explain: How we tend to automatically ascribe mental representations to social actors on the basis of scripts, roles, categories and prejudices, norms, and several heuristics; or ... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/344 Volume 3 Issue 1

Decision-Making as a Self-Organizing Process

Authors: Krystyna C Laycraft
We present the analysis of the process of decision-making by applying the main concepts of complexity science linked with the theories of emotions. Decision-making in our personal or immediate social ... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/447/343 Volume 3 Issue 1

Postural Stability and Academic Achievements among Fifth Graders: An Experimental Field Study

Authors: Miri Shachaf, Roni Laslo-Roth and Eyal Rosenstreich
Postural stability was previously associated with academic achievements among primary school children, but only little is known on how cognitive-motor processes underlie academic achievements. This re... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/342 Volume 2 Issue 1

The Use of Eye-Tracking in the Investigation of Prelinguistic Infants: A Review

Authors: Jennifer R Francois, Kathy L Coufal and Barbara S Chaparro
Advances in technology have yielded new techniques for investigating phenomena in the area of early childhood developmental science. Electronic eye-tracking allows for a more detailed and objective wa... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/341 Volume 2 Issue 1

An Integrated Cognitive Perspective of Travel Motivation and Repeated Travel Behaviour

Authors: Betsy Ng and Gloria Ho
The present paper offers an integrated conceptual approach to the process model of travel motivation. It is important to understand why individuals are motivated to travel and how travel experiences b... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/340 Volume 1 Issue 2

Retrieval Induced Forgetting and Enhancement in Tertiary Law Examinations: Are Law Students Unique?

Authors: Mary-Ellen Buckley and Ewald Neumann
An important facet of human cognition is the ability to retrieve information accurately and in sufficient detail across a wide variety of domains. This is particularly relevant in the domain of school... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/339 Volume 1 Issue 2

An Integrated Brain Function

Authors: Goro C Kato and Kazuo Nishimura
The aim of this paper is to provide sheaf theoretic formulations of the functions of a brain based on the theory of temporal topos, which is often abbreviated as t-topos) as developed in Kato. Our met... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/338 Volume 1 Issue 2

Variability: External Data, Internal Apprehension, or a Balance between Them? A Mathematical Argument and Some Upshots

Authors: Eric Brian
This paper addresses how one apprehends variability. Statistics does provide estimators like variance and standard error. After a recall of usual formulae, the already known partial variance is set as... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/447/337 Volume 1 Issue 1

Description of a Tumefactive Demyelinating Lesion Studied with Advanced Magnetic Resonance Techniques: A Clinical Report and Review of Literature

Authors: Marta De Simone, Barbara Brogna, Daniele Litterio Spitaleri, Giulio Cicarelli, Roberta Fantozzi and Bruno Guida
Tumefactive Demyelinating Lesions (TDL) is atypical presentation of various demyelinating diseases like Multiple Sclerosis (MS). They can mimic brain tumors in their clinical and radiological features... Read more

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SHORT COMMENTARY   |   10.36959/447/336 Volume 1 Issue 1

How the Psychological Benefits Associated with Exposure to Nature Can Affect Pro-Environmental Behavior

Authors: Rita Berto and Giuseppe Barbiero
Literature is not clear about how people become aware of the benefits associated with exposure to Naturea in aiding restoration from mental fatigue, and whether the restoration process can affect pro-... Read more

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REVIEW ARTICLE   |   10.36959/447/335 Volume 1 Issue 1

Clinical Decision Support Systems for Child Neuropsychiatric Disorders: The Time has Come?

Authors: Roman Koposov, Thomas Frodl, Oystein Nytro, Bennett Leventhal, Andre Sourander, Silvana Quaglini, Massimo Molteni, María de la Iglesia Vayá, Hans Ulrich Prokosch, Nicola Barbarini, Michael Peter Milham, Francisco Xavier Castellanos and Norbert Skokauskas
We currently have the capacity to develop innovative, effective and efficient clinical decision support models, while also creating the opportunities for rapidly incorporating multi-scale, multi-level... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/334 Volume 1 Issue 1

Tinnitus as a Fragment of Consciousness

Authors: Edward J Tehovnik
Subjective, chronic tinnitus that is tonal is a human condition that results in the perception of a continuous sound of a particular frequency, in the absence of that sound, by activation of deafferen... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/447/333 Volume 1 Issue 1

Mindfulness and Taijiquan

Authors: Marcus A Henning, Christian U Krageloh and Craig Webster
The practice of mindfulness as a meditation process has become highly topical with numerous reported links to benefits for physical and psychological wellbeing. In this commentary paper, we begin by d... Read more

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