Annals of Minimally Invasive Surgeries

 ISSN: 2689-8764

Annals of Minimally Invasive Surgeries

About Journal

Annals of Minimally Invasive Surgeries is an open access, peer reviewed journal which is mainly focused on various surgical procedures that are performed through tiny incisions instead of one large opening. This small incisions help patients to have quicker recovery time with least discomfort when compared with regular mode of conventional surgery allowing patients gain all with the same beneficiary outcomes of the surgery. The journal encourages surgeons from various disciplines of medicine to perform, share and promote continual innovations in minimally invasive surgery and make it useful for an ever-developing list of procedures.

We encourage researchers, surgeons to contribute a wide range of article forms such as original, reviews, rapid communications, case reports, clinical images, perspectives, opinions and other short articles to update on variety of topics on improving human health care.

The journal undergoes peer review processing for each of the material it receives under experienced world class surgeons to ensure the clinical significance, novelty and meet scientific standards of publication.

Editorial Board

Prof. Asif Bashir

Department of Neuroscience
Seton Hall University
United States of America
Tel: +1-315-491-0012

Dr. Daniel James Guillaume

Department of Neurosurgery
University of Minnesota Health
United States of America
Tel: 612-624-5931

Prof. Milos Bjelovic

Department of Surgery
University of Belgrade
Tel: +381-(63)-240422

Dr. Valentine N Nfonsam

Associate Professor of Surgery
Division of Surgical Oncology
University of Arizona
United States of America
Tel: 520-626-7747

Dr. Beata Kaomider

Associate Professor of Physiology
Department of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery
Translational and Clinical Lung Research
Temple University
United States of America

Dr. Alberto Arezzo

Associate Professor
Department of Surgical Sciences
University of Turin
Tel: +39-011-633664

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