Journal of Brain Cancer

Journal of Brain Cancer

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Journal of Brain Cancer is an open access, peer reviewed journal focus to facilitate immediate access to methodical and conceptual data focusing various aspects mentioned but not limited to brain cancer types, stages, causes, signs and symptoms (headaches to seizures), diagnosis, prognosis and survival rate, treatment and management of brain malignancies and tumors. The journal publishes high quality articles via open access platform and is greatly supported by invaluable contributions from the world class eminent experts in the field to enhance by justifying the scientific validity of the selective published content.

The journal encourages developing an optimized knowledge sharing platform and an enlightening interactive network for researchers to share, promote and contribute the latest research in brain cancer. All the Published content is made accessible with no restriction barriers under Creative Common Attribution License.

Journal of Brain Cancer welcomes original, reviews, cases, clinical images, communications, commentaries, opinions, short note and perspectives bringing novel insights and research highlights in the field.

Editorial Board

Dr. Eduardo C Gonzalez Toledo

Neuroradiology and Research
LSU Health Sciences Center Shreveport
United States of America
Tel: 318- 573-3629

Prof. Terry Lichtor

Clinical Professor
Medical College of Wisconsin
Medical School Regional Campus–Central Wisconsin
United States of America
Tel: 847-251-6760

Dr. Nhan Le Tran

Department of Research and Cancer Biology
Mayo Clinic Arizona
United States of America

Dr. Vita Golubovskaya

Promab Biotechnologies
Richmond, California
United States of America
Tel: 352-262-4846

Dr. Xianquan Zhan

Professor, Deputy Director
State Local Joint Engineering Laboratory for Anticancer Drugs
Xiangya Hospital
Central South University, China
Tel: 86-731-84327905

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