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Insights of Anthropology is an open access, peer reviewed journal publishing latest research insights in human past and present. The journal emphasizes latest studies concerned to human in all its aspects: from the evolution as a species, to the relationship with the material world, and the vast variety of social practices and cultural forms existing and that have already become extinct. This is a long lasting discipline that tries to explain humanity in various forms. This multidiscipline majorly includes but not limit to biological anthropology, social anthropology, medical anthropology and material culture.

This journal includes a wide range of manuscript forms such as original, reviews, commentaries, rapid communications, letters, opinions, perspectives and other short articles. The journal allows the readers to use and reuse the content with no restriction barriers with proper citation of the scholarly work under Creative Commons Attribution License. The journal content published is selectively chosen by the section editors after evaluation by multiple peers to make certain only high quality manuscripts are published.

The journal represents the distinctive strands of research that are presently being pursued within Anthropology's expanding research community.

Editorial Board

Dr. James C Chatters

Applied Paleoscience
United States of America
Tel: 425-402-7004

Prof. Douglas R White

Department of Anthropology
Institute of Mathematical Behavioral Science
UC Irvine
United States of America

Prof. Carol Camp Yeakey

Marshall S Snow Professor
Department of Arts & Sciences
Washington University in St Louis
United States of America
Tel: 314-935-6241

Prof. Ernest Quimby

Department of Sociology and Criminology
Howard University
United States of America
Tel: 202-806-6819

Dr. Alan H McGowan

Environmental Studies Program
The New School - Public Engagement
New york
United States of America

Prof. Jacques Demongeot

Professor Emeritus
Universite Grenoble Alpes
Tel: 0476637146

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Latest Articles

In Defense of Materialism: The Haitian Zonbi Vs. the Philosophical Zombie

Paul C Mocombe 2019

Article type: Review Article   |     10.36959/763/506

Linguistic and Religious Continuity and Change among the Lelna of Northwestern Nigeria

Theodore Randall 2019

Article type: Review Article   |     10.36959/763/505

War or Religion in Different Cultural Contexts: Discerning War, Violence, Empires or Proselytizing & Religious Cults from Archaeology and Literature

Niccolo Caldararo 2019

Article type: Review Article   |     10.36959/763/504

Niche Construction as a Theoretical Tool in the Ethnographic Analysis from a Naturalistic Perspective

Crivos Marta A, et al. 2019

Article type: Review Article   |     10.36959/763/503

The Menstrual Cycle Phases Are Like 'Body Seasons'

Rene Ecochard, et al. 2019

Article type: Review Article   |     10.36959/763/502

The Perception of Patients on the Service Quality Offered by Healthcare Professionals at Two Major Public Hospitals in South East Regional Health Authority (Serha), Jamaica

Jacqueline C Ellis, et al. 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/763/501

Primate Cognition and the Origins of Human Culture

Simon Dein 2019

Article type: Review Article   |     10.36959/763/500

An Empirical Assessment of Soft and Hard Classroom Management Strategies Employed by Teachers in Secondary Schools in Kingston and St. Andrew, Jamaica

Mark Anthony Brown, et al. 2019

Article type: Review Article   |     10.36959/763/499

Reconstructing the Social Sciences and Humanities: Antenor Firmin, Western Intellectual Tradition, and Black Atlantic Thought and Culture

Paul C Mocombe 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/763/498

Loss of Skills during the Lower Palaeolithic Levant

Nira Alperson-Afil 2019

Article type: Review Article   |     10.36959/763/497