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Journal of Petrochemical Engineering is a peer reviewed, the international open-access journal publishes original research papers, reviews, and letters.

It publishes papers on all aspects of Chemical engineering, Petroleum engineering & technology, Drilling & well operations, Oil and gas engineering, Petrochemical processes, Enhanced oil and gas recovery, Petroleum Geology, Petrochemical Refining Processes, Mineralogy, Unconventional oil resources, Catalysis, Industrial Chemistry, and Petroleum economics.

All the published content with the journal is made freely accessible without any restriction barriers under Creative Commons Attribution License. Upon acceptance after the peer review process, the accepted article is being published immediately online with DOI.

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Prof. Hengmao Tong

Department of Structural Geology and Tectonics
China University of Petroleum

Dr. Kazi MD Salim Newaz

Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Malaya
(+603) 0102 51 4713

Prof. Salem Aboglila

Professor and Dean
Department of Geochemistry & Environmental
Azzaytuna University

Dr. Mazura Jusoh

Associate Professor
School of Chemical and Energy Engineering
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Dr. Bisweswar Ghosh

Associate Professor
Department of Petroleum Engineering
Khalifa University

Dr. Omar Chaalal

Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Abu Dhabi University
United Arab Emirates

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Latest Articles of Petrochemical Engineering

Review Article

Pore-Throat Blocking Mechanisms in Tight Rocks by Colloidal Particles in Treated and Untreated Produced Water

Colloidal particles in produced water used for hydraulic fracturing can block pore throats in tight reservoir rocks through three main mechanisms. The... Read more


Review Article

Iron Stress Testing of Oilfield Produced Waters and Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids in the Bakken

Friction reducers are a major additive in almost all water-based hydraulic fracturing fluids. Despite the important role they play in friction reducti... Read more


Review Article

A Comparative Assessment of the Potential of the Bakken Formation Oil and Gas Field Produced Water for Critical Mineral Extraction, with a Focus on the Inyan Kara Formation: An Analysis of Salinity and Infrastructure

This study compares the salt concentration and mineral composition of water from the Bakken Formation and the Inyan Kara Formation to assess their sui... Read more


Short Report

The Critical Necessity for CCUS

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration (CCUS) encompasses a suite of technologies that remove CO2 from the atmosphere, predominantly by sequest... Read more


Original Article

Evaluating the Pore Structure of Low Permeability Glutenite Reservoir by 3D Digital Core Technology

In order to analyze the micro pore structure characteristics of low permeability glutenite reservoirs more intuitively and accurately, CT scanning ima... Read more


Research Article

The Effect of Silica Dissolution on Reservoir Properties during Alkaline-Surfactant-Polymer (ASP) Flooding

Chemical flooding is one of the effective methods to recover large volumes of oil from sandstone formations after primary depletion. However, silica d... Read more


Research Article

Impact of Prepolymerization Monomer on Polymerization and Properties of LLDPE

One of the methods of synthesis of linear low-density polyethylene is the use of pre-polymerization method. In this research, propylene, 1-butene and ... Read more


Research Article

Impact of Crude Oil Emulsion on Pipeline Corrosion

The objective of this work is to study the effect of emulsion formation on steel corrosion in a sweet environment in a laboratory scale. Field experie... Read more


Mini Review

Starch-Based Film Enhancement with Lignin, Nata De Coco and Sunflower Oil: A Mini Review

Much attention has been focused in recent years on research to replace petroleum-based commodity plastics because petroleum-based plastics create an e... Read more


Research Article

Experimental Study of Bulk Water Removal in Two Phase Flow

The improvement of oil-water separation efficiency has become increasingly important in the oil and gas industry, as well as for environmental protect... Read more


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