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Archives of Pure and Applied Chemistry is an open access, peer reviewed scholarly journal that publish novel research insights covering but not limited to various departments of chemistry. The journal is ardent to publish various manuscript types such as original, reviews, rapid communications, mini reviews, perspectives, opinions, and other short articles. All the published manuscripts are made available to use and reuse limitlessly when cited under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License.

Archives of Pure and Applied Chemistry is the official journal with responsibility for publishing highly topical and credible works at the forefront of all related aspects of pure and applied chemistry, with the main goal to promote globally the acceptance of the journal as an authoritative and indispensable holding on latest research.

The journal publishes only selective manuscripts under the leadership of an international team of eminent pure and applied chemists and research scientists.

Editorial Board

Prof. Jetty L Duffy Matzner

Department of Chemistry
Augustana University
United States of America
Tel: 605-338-9142

Prof. José D Carriquiry Beltrán

Senior Research Professor
Institute of Oceanological Research
Autonomous University of Baja California
United states of America
Tel: +52-646-1744-601

Prof. Avinash E Pillay

Department of chemistry
College of Arts & Sciences
The Petroleum Institute
Abu Dhabi

Dr. Hong Wang

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry
Miami University
United States of America
Tel: 940-369-8238

Dr. Kwok Feng Chong

Associate Professor
Industrial Chemistry Programme
Universiti Malaysia Pahang
Tel: +6095-492-403

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