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Journal of Botany Research is an open access, peer reviewed journal focused to publish research in various aspects including but not limited to plant structure, growth and differentiation, reproduction, biochemistry and primary metabolism, chemical products, development, diseases, evolutionary relationships, systematics, and plant taxonomy, etc. It aims to publish novel concepts in discovery and identification of pioneered techniques of micro propagation and plant tissue culture controlled by plant hormones targeting high productivity.

The journal publishes selective manuscripts after thorough evaluation by eminent editorial peers and independent review experts to ensure high quality and scientific validity. Journal of Botany Research publishes various manuscript forms such as original, reviews, rapid communications, opinions, perspectives, commentaries and letters. All the published manuscripts are made available without any restriction barriers to use and reuse when cited.

The journal provides emphasized discussion forum open for discussing topics concerned with the classification, phylogeny and evolution, structure, anatomy and morphology, or physiology of plant life and new techniques involved in producing better quality and high productivity.

Editorial Board

Dr. Altino Branco Choupina

University Education
Mountain Research Centre
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Dr. Ana Fontenele Urano Carvalho

Department of Biology
Federal University of Ceara
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Prof. Zhi Liu

College of Bioscience and Biotechnology
Hunan Agricultural University

Prof. Myoung Gun Choung

Department of Herbal Medicine Resources
Kangwon National University
South Korea
Tel: +1-817-903-6324

Dr. Xin Deng

Plant Drought Control Group
Plant Abiotic Stress Molecular Physiological Biology
Beijing, China
Tel: 86-10-62836261

Dr. Cecilia Veronica Nunez

Bioprospection and Biotechnology Laboratory - LABB
Technology and Innovation Coordination - COTI
National Institute of Amazonian Research - INPA

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Latest Articles

Vegetation Structure, Root Biomass Distribution and Soil Carbon Stock of Savannah Agrosystems in Sudano-Sahelian Zone of Cameroon

AWE DJONGMO Victor, et al. 2019

Article type: Original Article   |     10.36959/771/563

Carbon Stocks in Dead Wood Biomass of Savannah Ecosystems in Northern Region Cameroon

Awe Djongmo Victor, et al. 2019

Article type: Original Research   |     10.36959/771/562

Assessing Genotoxic Potential of Cotinus Coggygria Scop: Using the Mussel Micronucleus Test

Bettina Eck-Varanka, et al. 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/771/561

Flower Types, Pollen Morphology, and In Vitro Pollen Germination of Longan (Dimocarpus longan Lour.)

Min Kyaw Thu, et al. 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/771/560

Mechanism of the Entomotoxic Activity Induced by Araucaria Angustifolia Methanolic Extract in Nauphoeta Cinerea Lobster Cockroaches

Thiago Carrazoni, et al. 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/771/559

Evidences towards a Genetic Differentiation and Karyotype Evolution of the Sedges Cyperus odoratus L and C Ligularis L (Cyperaceae)

Geyner Alves dos Santos Cruz, et al. 2019

Article type: Review Article   |     10.36959/771/558

Response of Selected Ornamentals to Rooting Hormone in Different Propagating Media

Okunlola A Ibironke 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/771/557

High Altitude Maize (Zea Mays L.) Cultivation and Endemism in the Lake Titicaca Basin

Staller John E 2019

Article type: Review Article   |     10.36959/771/556

In Vitro Callus Induction of Duroia Macrophylla Huber, Chemical Prospection and Biotechnological Potentialities of Its Extracts

Sabrina Schumacker Zanca, et al. 2019

Article type: Original Research Article   |     10.36959/771/555