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Archives of Pediatric Surgery is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal that publishes forefront research outcomes in surgical aspects, surgical procedure and new changes in existing surgical procedures of surgery involving the surgery of fetuses, infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. A wide range of research is carried out in Pediatric department involving a lot of efforts by pediatricians, surgeons to develop latest, novel and improvised techniques, including minimally invasive surgery, which could be adopted by other surgeons around the globe.

The journal brings in new research updates in Pediatric surgery including a wide range of manuscripts such as original, reviews, rapid communications, case reports, clinical images, perspectives, opinions and other short articles. All published content undergo peer review processing and accepted only after the series of corrections revised by the authors to ensure quality publications.

The published content with Scientific Journal of Pediatric Surgery is made available with no restriction barriers when cited under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License.

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Prof. Ai Xuan Le Holterman

Department of surgery and pediatrics
University of Illinois College of Medicine
United States of America
Tel: 847-334-0230

Prof. Alfio Ferlito

ENT Clinic
University of Udine School of Medicine
Tel: +390-498-686-058

Dr. Benjamin U Nwosu

Associate Professor
Department of Pediatrics
University of Massachusetts Medical School
United States of America
Tel: 508-856-4280

Dr. Jacek Kaczmarczyk

Associate Professor
Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology
University of Medical Sciences Poznan
Tel: 004-861-831-0359

Dr. Antonio Manenti

Associate Professor
Department of Surgery
University of Modena

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Latest Articles

Short Communication

Adaptations of Surgical Practice During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Report from a Pediatric Surgery Unit in Yaounde - Cameroon

The authors report on their experience of pediatric surgical practice in a COVID-19 epidemic situation in Yaounde. They underline the specificities of... Read more


Case Report

Rare Anatomic Finding of a Common Origin of the Coeliac and Superior Mesenteric Arteries in a Term Neonate

A male infant was born term at 39 + 4 weeks gestation and birth weight of 3.98 kg. His mother was a 33-year-old primigravid with no relevant past medi... Read more


Case Report

A Recurrent Abdominal Pain with Chronic Constipation

We here report the case of a 5-years-old child with recurrent abdominal pain and chronic constipation. For that reason, the baby came to our hospital ... Read more


Original Article

Pediatric Complex Appendicitis are there Predictors of Postoperative Outcomes?

The database of a tertiary pediatric medical center was retrospectively reviewed for patients pathologically diagnosed with complex appendicitis in 2... Read more


Research Article

Routine Probiotics Decrease the Incidence of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants < 1000 Grams

Retrospective cohort study of infants born < 32 weeks of gestation between 1st of November 2011 and 31st of October 2013. Data were collected over two... Read more


Case Report

Seven Day Anhepatic Survival in a 19 Month Old Child: An Interdisciplinary Challenge

Today, numerous patients with acute liver failure die due to shortage of donor organs and long waiting lists. We describe the paediatric intensive car... Read more



Mesenteric Hematoma in the Context of Recurrent Intussusception: Cause or Effect

Intussusception is a common pediatric abdominal emergency associated with pathologic lead points in up to twenty-five percent of cases. After reductio... Read more


Research Article

Primary Endobronchial Tumors in Childhood

Although primary endobronchial tumors are uncommon, it is a diagnosis to consider with persistent bronchial obstruction, infection or recurrent lung c... Read more


Research Article

Pediatric Abdominal and Thoracic Equestrian Injuries-Single Center Experience

Recent years have witnessed an increase in the popularity of equestrian sports and therapeutic riding. The aim of the study was to report the prevalen... Read more


Research Article

International Knowledge of Direct Costs of Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment

Cleft lip and palate is a common developmental defect, however limited up to date information is available on the costs of treatment. This is importan... Read more


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