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Original Article   |   10.36959/472/372 Volume 6 Issue 1

Ultrasound Guided Pneumatic Reduction of Intussusceptions: A Clinical Experience from Baghdad

Authors: Loay Saleh Salman, Basil Shanshool Radhi and Mohammed R. Saleem
Intussusceptions is an important cause of small bowel obstruction in children. Non-operative reduction (NOR) is the preferable method of treatment to start with as long as there are no contraindicatio... Read more

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Retrospective Study   |   10.36959/472/371 Volume 6 Issue 1

Post-Axial Hexadactyly in Neonates and Infants Less than 3 Months Old: Surgical Management Transferred to the Outpatient Clinic in the Covid-19 Period

Authors: M.M Barry, F. Maggiulli, M. Delpont and G. Captier
The current Covid-19 corona viruses pandemic has had a considerable impact on the functioning of health care facilities, so the reorganisation of interventions was a real challenge for surgeons who ri... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/472/370 Volume 6 Issue 1

A Rare Case of Rectal Duplication Cyst presenting as a Posterior Perineal Hernia, in a Neonate

Authors: Dr. Pramod Kumar Sharma, Dr. Rachit Goel, Dr. Poonam Motiani, Dr. Neel, and Dr. D.K. Gupta
Rectal duplication is a rare entity and posterior perineal hernia is even so. Having both entities together poses a clinical challenge, however sticking to basic surgical principles helps in such situ... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/472/369 Volume 6 Issue 1

Congenital Melanocytic Nevi of the Lower Limb: The Rule of Thumb for Surgical Excision in Children

Authors: Yacine Belkacemi, Amir Kara, Lionel Moulis, Marie Christine Picot, Federica Maggiulli, and Guillaume Captier
Congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) of the lower limb display the highest projected adult size. Surgical management includes simple excision and also more complex interventions with tissue expansion, sk... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/472/368 Volume 6 Issue 1

Hair-Thread Tourniquet Syndrome; Emergent Diagnosable Condition

Authors: Amir Hussein Tavallaei
Hair-thread tourniquet syndrome (HTTS), or hair tourniquet syndrome is a rare emergency condition that often occurs in infants and children when one or more appendages in the body like fingers, toes o... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/472/367 Volume 6 Issue 1

Hepatopulmonary Syndrome Due to Congenital Extrahepatic Portosystemic Shunts: A Case Report

Authors: Endis Miurkis, Marcano Luis, Abril Xavier, Molina Sofia, Ruilova María, and Galarza Mónica
Congenital extra hepatic port systemic shunt, is a rare clinical entity which can lead to hepatopulmonary syndrome wherein blood from portal vein directly drains into systemic circulation, causing an ... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/472/366 Volume 5 Issue 1

Triple Testis in Pediatric: The Story and Management

Authors: Ali Egab Joda
The presence of more than two testicles is rare congenital anomaly and has different names in the literature like Polyorchidism, triochidism & supernumerary testis. The majority of cases were triorchi... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/472/365 Volume 5 Issue 1

Experiences in The Care and Treatment of Children and Adolescents with Phimosis

Authors: Rodrigo Pinheiro de Abreu Miranda, Isis Maria Quezado Magalhães, Valdenize Tiziane, Heitor Moreno Junior and Rivadávio Fernandes Batista de Amorim
Phimosis is the inability or difficulty to expose the glans by retracting the prepuce due to changes in the prepuce. It is the most commonly observed disorder in boys and accounts for a large number o... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/472/364 Volume 5 Issue 1

Management of a Large Sublingual Dermoid Cyst

Authors: Le V, Byrne H, Kearns GJ and Ekanayake K
A fifteen-year-old Irish male presented with a swelling in the floor of mouth and displacement of the tongue. Speech changes were noted on presentation. A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan reveale... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/472/363 Volume 5 Issue 1

Verrucous Venous Malformation and Overgrowth: About Two Cases

Authors: Velayos M, Estefanía-Fernández K, Sarmiento-Caldas MC, Moratilla-Lapeña L, Triana P, Díaz M, Rodriguez Laguna L, Martínez González V and López-Gutiérrez JC
Verrucous venous malformations (VVM), previously known as verrucous hemangiomas, are rare congenital vascular anomalies that initially appear as flat blue-red lesions that progressively evolve into ve... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/472/362 Volume 5 Issue 1

The Importance of Allis Maneuver in the Management of Traumatic Posterior Hip Dislocation in Children: A Report of Two Cases

Authors: Brice Ilharreborde, MD, Cindy Mallet, MD, Amir Hossein Mafi, MD, Sadegh Hasani, MD, Saeed Besharaty, MD and Mohammad Hossein Nabian, MD
In this report, we have presented two pediatric cases of posterior traumatic hip dislocation with 5 and 6 years of age. The diagnoses were made based on the history of trauma, symptoms, and anteropost... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/472/361 Volume 5 Issue 1

Push Endoscopic Button Gastrostomy in Childhood: Fewer Complications than Historical Surgical Techniques?

Authors: Aurora Mariani, Edouard Fortier, Jérémie Riou, Thomas Brigly, Guillaume Podevin and Françoise Schmitt
There is no consensus when it comes to the best procedure or device used for gastrostomy creation in pediatrics. We compared the complications encountered with different gastrostomy techniques.... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/472/360 Volume 5 Issue 1

Tubularized Incised Plate (TIP) Urethroplasty in Narrow V/S Wide Urethral Plate: A Comparative Study in a Developing Country Perspective

Authors: Adnan Walid, Md. Minhajuddin Sajid, Rajib Khastagir, Tanvir Kabir Chowdhury, Md. Khurshid Alam Sarwar, Md. Abdullah Al Farooq, Md. Sharif Imam and Mohammad Zonaid Chowdhury
Tubularized incised plate (TIP) urethroplasty is the most commonly performed operation for distal and mid shaft hypospadias. There are controversies in the previous reports regarding the association ... Read more

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Retrospective Study   |   10.36959/472/359 Volume 4 Issue 2

Influence of the Covid19 Epidemic on the Daily Practice of Major Ambulatory Surgery in a Pediatric Surgery Unit

Authors: Blanca Guijo and Luis F Rivilla
The pandemic caused by the new severe acute respiratory syndrome corona virus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) had a major impact on hospital organization, which also affected pediatric surgery. Given the scarce eviden... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/472/358 Volume 4 Issue 2

Intracochlearendoscopy in Cochlear Implantation of X-Linked Stapes Gusher Syndrome

Authors: Jennifer Ha, Timothy Baerg and Marc C Thorne
X-linked stapes gusher syndrome is a rare form of congenital sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL). Affected patients have abnormal configuration of the lamina cribrosa and internal auditory canal (IAC), ... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/472/357 Volume 4 Issue 2

Clinic Evaluation of the Use of Tissue Expanders: Report of Ten Pediatric Cases

Authors: Hugo Juárez Olguín, Gerardo Fernández Sobrino, Lulú Sánchez Reyes, Francisca Trujillo Jiménez and José Francisco González Zamora
In 1957, Neumann, published an experiment on an atrium reconstruction case using an inflatable rubber balloon instrument which was grafted under the skin and inflated by injecting liquid through tubes... Read more

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Short Communication   |   10.36959/472/356 Volume 4 Issue 1

Adaptations of Surgical Practice During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Report from a Pediatric Surgery Unit in Yaounde - Cameroon

Authors: Fossi Kamga Gacelle, Salihou Aminou Sadjo, Dikongue Caroline Eugenie, Tibizing Etoa Grace, Ishimwe Umuhoza Noella Christine, Andze Ondobo Gervais, Mbouche Landry, Fru Angwafo III, and Faustin Félicien Mouafo Tambo
The authors report on their experience of pediatric surgical practice in a COVID-19 epidemic situation in Yaounde. They underline the specificities of the African setting, particularly in Cameroon, an... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/472/355 Volume 4 Issue 1

Rare Anatomic Finding of a Common Origin of the Coeliac and Superior Mesenteric Arteries in a Term Neonate

Authors: Aisling Smith, Stephanie Ryan and Afif F EL-Khuffash
A male infant was born term at 39 + 4 weeks gestation and birth weight of 3.98 kg. His mother was a 33-year-old primigravid with no relevant past medical history. The conception was natural and gestat... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/472/354 Volume 3 Issue 1

A Recurrent Abdominal Pain with Chronic Constipation

Authors: Malcotti Federica, Scintu Ambra, Nieri Stefano and Parmigiani Stefano
We here report the case of a 5-years-old child with recurrent abdominal pain and chronic constipation. For that reason, the baby came to our hospital several times with symptoms’ resolution after en... Read more

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Original Article   |   10.36959/472/353 Volume 3 Issue 1

Pediatric Complex Appendicitis are there Predictors of Postoperative Outcomes?

Authors: Nadav Mizrahi, Inbal Samuk, Shai Ashkenazi, Gabriel Chodick, Enrique Freud and Gilat Livni
The database of a tertiary pediatric medical center was retrospectively reviewed for patients pathologically diagnosed with complex appendicitis in 2012-2015. Admission parameters were evaluated for ... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/472/352 Volume 3 Issue 1

Routine Probiotics Decrease the Incidence of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants < 1000 Grams

Authors: Stefanie Rutz and Luke Jardine
Retrospective cohort study of infants born < 32 weeks of gestation between 1st of November 2011 and 31st of October 2013. Data were collected over two periods, before and after introduction of probiot... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/472/351 Volume 3 Issue 1

Seven Day Anhepatic Survival in a 19 Month Old Child: An Interdisciplinary Challenge

Authors: Ringe H, Henning S, Herre S, Müller D, Gül S and Puhl G
Today, numerous patients with acute liver failure die due to shortage of donor organs and long waiting lists. We describe the paediatric intensive care and surgical management of repeated split liver ... Read more

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CASE REPORT   |   10.36959/472/350 Volume 2 Issue 1

Mesenteric Hematoma in the Context of Recurrent Intussusception: Cause or Effect

Authors: Margaret M Steiner, Amy R Paul, Jeremy T Neuman, Alex K Williamson, Richard Sidlow and Dana M Kaplan
Intussusception is a common pediatric abdominal emergency associated with pathologic lead points in up to twenty-five percent of cases. After reduction using an air enema, the recurrence of intussusce... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/472/349 Volume 2 Issue 1

Primary Endobronchial Tumors in Childhood

Authors: Marta Gonzalez Fernandez-Palaciosa, Jose Ignacio Gutierrez Carrasco and Y Isabel Delgado Pecellin
Although primary endobronchial tumors are uncommon, it is a diagnosis to consider with persistent bronchial obstruction, infection or recurrent lung collapse that does not improve despite standard tre... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/472/348 Volume 2 Issue 1

Pediatric Abdominal and Thoracic Equestrian Injuries-Single Center Experience

Authors: Emmanuelle Seguier Lipszyc, Artur Baazov and Enrique Freud
Recent years have witnessed an increase in the popularity of equestrian sports and therapeutic riding. The aim of the study was to report the prevalence and causes of different types of abdominal and ... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/472/347 Volume 1 Issue 1

International Knowledge of Direct Costs of Cleft Lip and Palate Treatment

Authors: J Galloway, G Davies and PA Mossey
Cleft lip and palate is a common developmental defect, however limited up to date information is available on the costs of treatment. This is important for national distribution of funds, developing c... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/472/346 Volume 1 Issue 1

Bronchial Mucoepidermoid Carcinoma in a 14-year-old Patient

Authors: Francois Bastard, Ammi M, Rousselet MC, Schmitt F, Podevin G, Enon B and Picquet J
A bronchial mucoepidermoid carcinoma is a rare malignant tumour. It usually appears in young subjects and most often involves the salivary glands. We report the case of a 14-year-old patient who prese... Read more

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short communication   |   10.36959/472/345 Volume 1 Issue 1

Preliminary Report on Laparo-Endoscopic Single-Site Approach for Transposition of Renal Lower Pole Crossing Vessels in Children

Authors: Aurora MARIANI, Belkhir DAHMANE, Emilie EYSSARTIER, Françoise SCHMITT, Guillaume PODEVIN and Nicolas HOARAU
We describe here our first single-site laparo-endoscopic experience with four cases of ureteropelvic junction obstruction due to lower pole crossing vessels. Through a single-site umbilicus approach, ... Read more

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