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Journal of Surgical Endocrinology

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Journal of Surgical Endocrinology is an open access, peer reviewed journal that emphasizes surgical which specializes in the surgical treatment of endocrine diseases. The surgeons and physicians focus research insights covering but not limited to general surgery that focuses predominantly on diseases of the thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands. These surgical methods benefit readers, authors and the surgeons in understanding advancements in surgical procedures performed on endocrine glands to achieve a hormonal or anti-hormonal effect in the body.

The journal encourages a wide range of article formats such as original, reviews, rapid communications, case reports, clinical images, perspectives, opinions and other short articles. The journal publishes high quality manuscripts under thorough evaluation by international experts and independent reviewers.

All published content is made available to use and reuse without any restrictions when cited under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License.

Editorial Board

Prof. Horacio LR Rilo

Department of Surgery and Medicine
Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine
Hofstra University
United States of America

Dr. Nitin Trivedi

Division Director
Department of Medicine
Endocrinology and Metabolic Medicine
Saint Vincent Hospital
United States of America

Dr. E Scott Sills

Center for Advanced Genetics
United States of America
Tel: 1760-994-0156

Prof. Pietro Giorgio Calo

Clinical Methodology and General Surgery
Department of Surgical Sciences
University of Cagliari

Prof. Alfio Ferlito

School of Medicine
University of Udine
Tel: 390-498-686-058

Prof. Roberto de la Plaza Llamas

Health Sciences
Department of Surgery
University of Alcala

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