Author Copyrights

Authors retain the copyrights of the published work. Thus we recommend using proper citations when used. This ensures that the content utilized will be solely for advancement of science. The published work in Scholars.Direct follows open access mode of publication. We encourage use and reuse of the published content when properly cited.

Publication Process

Manuscript once accepted by the editor will be reviewed finally by the editorial staff to confirm that the document quality and manuscript composition are suitable for publication. Authors are requested to resolve for any outstanding issues before the manuscript is moved into production for publication.

The staff from editorial department will copyedit the manuscript into the final article format (PDF and online), according to the standard style of the respective journal. The galley proof will be sent to corresponding author of paper and we request to check the proof before final publication process.

Corrections: If any further errors are identified after publication, they will be evaluated and addressed on a case by case basis.

Content Availability

The published articles are permanently archived and made available online. The usage and accessibility to any of the downloaded or available content is free to use. Authors retain copyright, thus any content extracted and used from the journal will require the proper citation.

Any problem in accessing the archive of journal, please contact the editorial office and editorial staff will immediately fix it at the earliest possible.

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