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Case Report   |   10.36959/377/332 Volume 3 Issue 2

Split Suction Catheter Stuck in an Endotracheal Tube: A Case Report

Authors: Soo Yeon Kim, Kyu Nam Kim, Sun Jung Eun, Min Kyu Lee and Mi Sun Kang
Suction of the endotracheal tube (ETT) is frequently required for mechanically ventilated patients in the operating room or intensive care unit. It can efficiently remove a mucosal plug or clots, a... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/377/331 Volume 3 Issue 1

Epidural Anesthesia Combined with Intravenous Dexmedetomidine Sedation for Elective Ileostomy Closure in a Patient with Bilateral Lung Transplantation: A Case Report

Authors: Jacques de Montblanc, MD, Jamil Elmawieh, MD, Camille Tilly, MD and Dan Benhamou, MD
A patient who had undergone bilateral lung transplantation surgery four years ago and had significant residual pulmonary insufficiency was scheduled for elective ileostomy closure. The procedure was p... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/377/330 Volume 3 Issue 1

Effectiveness of Stretching Exercises in TMJ Closed Lock Management - Case Reports

Authors: Marta Miernik and Agnieszka Nowakowska-Toporowska
Internal derangement in temporomandibular joint (TMJ), including disc displacement without reduction with limited mouth opening, is a common TMJ disorder. The main symptoms of closed lock are limited ... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/377/329 Volume 3 Issue 1

Perioperative Challenges in Patients with Alpha-Gal Allergy

Authors: Francine J D'Ercole, MD, Vishal H Dhandha, MD, MHA, Marc L Levi, MD, April B Todd, RN and Priya A Kumar, MD
Alpha-gal allergy, also known as, mammalian meat allergy (MMA) is well described in the Allergy literature, however, the Anesthesiology literature remains soft in supporting recommendations for periop... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/377/328 Volume 3 Issue 1

Evaluating Perioperative Blood Loss in Cardiac Surgery Patients Receiving High and Low Dose Tranexamic Acid

Authors: A Weingartshofer, MD, H Mingo, NP, B Kent, MD, SP Mackinnon, PhD and MM Kwapisz, MD
Excessive perioperative blood loss is a concern for patients undergoing high risk procedures; thus, tranexamic acid (TXA) is administered at the beginning of surgery to minimize blood loss. Previous s... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/377/327 Volume 3 Issue 1

Postoperative Hypertension: When Blood Pressure Cuff and Arterial Line Disagree

Authors: Olga V Storozh, MD, Muhammad A Ashraf, MD and Alan M Smeltz, MD
Hypertension is a commonly encountered condition by anesthesiologists yet there is no clearly defined approach to monitoring and managing blood pressure in the perioperative period. In this review, we... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/377/326 Volume 3 Issue 1

Continuous Spinal Anesthetic in a Patient with Severe Aortic Stenosis for Total Knee Arthroplasty

Authors: Drew Jensen, MD and Adam C Young, MD
Patients with severe aortic stenosis represent a serious perioperative challenge for anesthesiologists when presenting for orthopedic surgery. Avoiding general anesthesia can be beneficial by averting... Read more

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Case Report   |   10.36959/377/325 Volume 3 Issue 1

Opioid Management and Risk Mitigation

Authors: Mark Gostine, MD, Fred N Davis and Rebecca Risko
Over the span of seven months physicians had to reconcile two very different messages regarding pain and the use of opioids issued by institutions that guide healthcare in the United States. First, in... Read more

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