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Case Report   |   10.36959/377/357 Volume 5 Issue 1

A Case Report: Trans-Thoracic Pigtail Catheter with Diaphragm Perforation

Authors: Summaiya Iqbal, Paresh Mane and Dita Mayer
Pigtail catheters are commonly used as effective alternative to traditional large bore chest tubes. However, the pigtail catheter placement does not come without possible complications. Pneumothorax, ... Read more

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Original Article   |   10.36959/377/356 Volume 5 Issue 1

In Silico Identification of Apigenin and Narcissin (Food- Flavonoids) as Potential Targets Against SARS-CoV-2 Viral Proteins: Comparison with the Effect of Remdesivir

Authors: Vincent Brice Ayissi Owona, Borris RT Galani and Paul Fewou Moundipa
In this study, we demonstrate the potential role of Narcissin and apigenin, two natural flavonoids found in fruits and foods, as candidate compounds in the treatment against the novel corona virus inf... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/377/355 Volume 5 Issue 1

Postoperative Craniotomy Pain Management in Pediatric Patients: A Systematic Review

Authors: Marie Christelle S Endencia, MD, Mary Gold C PiƱera, MD and Karl Matthew C Sy Su, MD, FPSA
There is increasing evidence supporting increased pain intensity following neurosurgical procedures. There are different approaches to analgesia following craniotomy and cranioplasty, but there is lim... Read more

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Original Research   |   10.36959/377/354 Volume 5 Issue 1

A Qualitative Exploration of Consultant Anaesthetists Attitudes to, and Experiences of, Perioperative Medication Errors in Emergency and Elective Theatre Settings

Authors: N Wilson-Baig and R Isba
In the UK, medication errors account for up to 20% of all reported adverse events in hospitalised patients. The potential for medication errors to occur during the peri-operative period is greater tha... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/377/353 Volume 5 Issue 1

Opioid Pseudoaddiction in a Patient with Long-Term Oxycodone Use for Chronic Pain

Authors: Lakshmi Priya, Fei Cao, Jaskirat Sidhu, Jeffery Metzner and Muhammad Farhan
Pseudoaddiction is a term to describe drug-seeking behaviors in a patient that has inadequate pain control. It is the result of the medical undertreatment of pain, which poses iatrogenic harm to patie... Read more

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Retrospective Study   |   10.36959/377/352 Volume 5 Issue 1

Perioperative Factors Associated with Tracheostomy use following Esophagectomy Surgery

Authors: Michelle Gerstman, John Batty, Gemma Friedlaender, Kabir Mohammed, Matthew Hacking and Timothy Wigmore
Esophagectomy surgery remains high risk with 36% of patients in the UK having a complication. Tracheostomy insertion can aid weaning from ventilation post-operatively and can be inserted at the time o... Read more

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