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Annals of Lung Cancer

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Annals of Lung Cancer is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal focusing to publish various types, stages, causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis and survival rate, treatment and management of Lung Cancers. This journal brings novel insights concerning all the clinical, experimental, translational and basic science of malignancies of the lung and chest region. All the published content in the journal are freely accessible without any restriction under Creative Commons Attribution License.

The journal invites various article formats such as original, reviews, cases, clinical images, communications and other short article types providing in depth information related but not limited to prevention, epidemiology and etiopathology, basic biology, cytopathology, clinical assessment, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, possible treatment modalities, possible biomarkers for early detection, other treatment modalities and survivals of lung cancer.

The journal publishes only selective articles after thorough peer review processing of the manuscripts by international research experts.

Editorial Board

Dr. Paul H Hartel

Medical Director
Telepathology and Clinical Laboratory Medicine
Grafton City Hospital
United States of America

Dr. Oscar Juan Vidal

Medical Oncology Department
Universidad Catolica de Valencia San Vicente Martir.
Valencia, Spain
Tel: +34-961265877

Dr. Gaetano Bertino

Internal Medicine and Surgery
University of Catania
Tel: +390953781573

Dr. Xuexia Wang

Associate Professor
Division of Biostatistics
University of North Texas
United States of America
Tel: 215-776-9458

Dr. Vianey Rodriguez

Associate Professor
Tissue and Cell Biology Department
Medical School of UNAM
United States of America
Tel: 52-55-56-23-21-83

Dr. Young Ho Seo

Associate Professor
College of Pharmacy
Keimyung University
South Korea
Tel: 053-580-6639

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Latest Articles

Dosimetric Implications of Number of Breathing Phases Used in the Definition of Internal Target Volume [ITV] in the Treatment of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancers Using Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)

Von Darius Heard, et al. 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/825/572

Impact of an Onsite Endobronchial Ultrasound Program on the Time to Treatment of Cancer in Veterans

Van K Holden, et al. 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/825/581

Nucleobindin-2 mRNA level is down regulated in KRAS-mutation lung cancer cell lines compared with EGFR/BRAF/KRAS wild-type lung cancer cell lines

Noriaki Sunaga, et al. 2019

Article type: Editorial   |     10.36959/825/580

Lobaplatin or Cisplatin Plus Etoposide for Treating Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer

Xin Zhou, et al. 2019

Article type: Original Research   |     10.36959/825/579

Effect of Respirable Coal Mine Dust and Quartz on Lung Function Parameters of German Coalminers: A Longitudinal Study 1974-2004

Mei Yong, et al. 2019

Article type: Original Research Article   |     10.36959/825/578

The Risk of Developing Coal Workers' Pneumoconiosis in a German Inception Cohort of Coal Miners of Ruhr Area - Results after 30 Years of Follow-up

M Yong, et al. 2019

Article type: Original Article   |     10.36959/825/577

Survival and Grades vs. Costs and Values of Nivolumab in Cancer; the Impact of PD-L1 Positivity

Helmy M Guirgis 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/825/576

Survival and Values of the Immune Check Point Inhibitors in Non- Small-Cell Lung Cancer

Helmy M Guirgis 2019

Article type: Research Article   |     10.36959/825/575

Pseudoprogression in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Brain Metastases Attributable to the Anti-PD-1 Antibody Nivolumab

Sooraj John, et al. 2019

Article type: Case Study   |     10.36959/825/574

Radiation Therapy in the Treatment of Small Cell Lung Cancer

Guler Yavas and Cagdas Yavas 2019

Article type: REVIEW ARTICLE   |     10.36959/825/573