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Clinical Diabetes and Research is an international, peer reviewed, open access journal dedicated to produce high quality manuscripts of all related pathophysiology caused due to diabetes and its related comorbidities. We are emphasized to support the innovation and advancement in clinical medicine through sharing of high-quality papers, documenting reports in recent advances and new developments in all clinical, diagnostic and management aspects of Diabetes. The journal presents high-visibility forum for new insights and discussions into the issues of importance to the diabetic patients and improving their survival.

The journal is balanced under the guidance of expert assessment in the respective fields of clinical diabetology. The journal follows scrutinized peer review processing to all the submitted manuscripts ensuring the quality of the published content. Clinical Diabetes and Research accepts variety of manuscript types such as original submissions, reviews, cases, case study, case series, communication, opinions, etc., to expand insight on a particular study.

We mainly aim to develop knowledge, interventions and technology for use in healthcare to improve the treatment of patients. The Journal encourages researchers to contribute their excellent work and help us disseminate awareness among the research community.

Editorial Board

Prof. Elizabeth Barrett Connor

Department of Family Medicine and Public Health
University of California
San Diego School of Medicine
United States of America

Prof. Kamyar Kalantar Zadeh

Department of Public Health & Epidemiology and Pediatrics
University of California
United States of America

Prof. Anil K Mandal

Clinical Professor
Department of Medicine
University of Florida
Florida, United States of America
Tel: 386-530-4040

Prof. Emilio Herrera

Emeritus Professor
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Faculty of Experimental and Health Sciences
University San Pablo-CEU
Madrid, Spain

Prof. Jaime Ruiz Tovar Polo

Department of Surgery
University Rey Juan Carlos
Madrid, Spain
Tel: 0034-630-53-48-08

Dr. Solomon Habtemariam

Pharmacognosy Research Laboratories
University of Greenwich
Chatham-Maritime, United Kingdom
Tel: 0-208-331-8302

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Latest Articles of Clinical Diabetes and Research

Case Report

Euglycemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis in a Diabetic Patient Treated with SGLT2 Inhibitor

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a life - threatening complication and must be diagnosed and treated promptly and aggressively. The classic triad of DKA... Read more


Short Report

High Serum Insulin Level in Neonatal Hypoglycemia: A False Expectation

Hyperinsulinemia literally means high serum insulin level (Hyper: Excess, over, beyond, exaggerated). The Pediatric Endocrine Society recommends measu... Read more


Research Article

Disposition Index (DI) is not Improved with High-Intensity Intermittent Exercise in Adults with Hyperinsulinemia and Pre-Diabetes

The progression from pre-diabetes to overt type 2 diabetes is largely attributed to β-cell dysfunction and reduced insulin responsiveness. Exercise i... Read more


Research Article

Examining the Relationship between Stress and Insulin Resistance in Civilians and Veterans

Stressful life events, particularly traumatic events, can produce a considerable if not significant stress, inducing insulin resistance and potentiall... Read more


Research Article

Suppression of Free Fatty Acids by Oral Glucose in Patients with Cystic Fibrosis

The oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) is part of the routine management and readily detects impaired insulin secretion in the majority of adult patie... Read more


Case Report

SGLT2 Inhibition May Precipitate Euglycemic DKA after Bariatric Surgery

SGLT2 inhibitors (SGLT2Is) lower blood glucose through inhibition of glucose reabsorption in the proximal renal tubules via an insulin independent mec... Read more


Review Article

Ethical Issues Attendant with the Current Pandemic of Diabetes

The International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) estimates that 415 million of the 7 billion global inhabitants have diabetes and this number is estimated ... Read more


Review Article

Therapeutic Agents Targeting at AGE-RAGE Axis for the Treatment of Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease: A Review of Clinical Evidence

Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs), together with its receptor (RAGE) are known to play a predominant role in the onset of diabetic micro- and mac... Read more


Brief Report

Glargine U300 Insulin as a Better Option than Degludec U100 to Treat a Congenital Generalized Lipodystrophy Patient

Berardinelli-Seip Congenital Lipodystrophy (BSCL) is a rare autosomal recessive syndrome characterized by a generalized lack of adipose tissue, evolvi... Read more


Research Article

Investigation of Pharmacological Responses to an Anti-Diabetic Drug Pioglitazone in Female Spontaneously Diabetic Torii (SDT) Fatty Rats, A New Obese Type 2 Diabetic Rat

Rigorous glycemic control is essential to prevent the development of diabetes and onset of diabetic complications. Peroxisome proliferator-activated r... Read more


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