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Journal of Neurosurgery Research and Reviews

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Journal of Neurosurgery Research and Reviews is an open access peer reviewed journal dedicated to publish novel research insights in most neurosurgical conditions including neuro-trauma and other neuro-emergencies such as intracranial hemorrhage. The neuropathology includes a wide range of topics including but not limited to congenital, acquired, traumatic caused by infection, or neoplastic or degenerative conditions in adults as well as conditions like congenital hydrocephalus, pediatric cancers and myelomeningocele are encountered in children.

The journals content are made available without any restrictions to use and reuse when cited under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License. The published journals publish only selective manuscripts that are thoroughly evaluated under highly experienced peers to ensure its scientific impact and high quality. Anonymity of the authors and reviewers are maintained in order to neutralize biased comments.

The journal is fervent to publish emphasized scientific manuscripts in various forms such as original, reviews, rapid communications, case reports, clinical images, perspectives, opinions and other short articles.

Editorial Board

Dr. David Cory Adamson

Department of Molecular Neuro-oncology Lab
Emory University
United States of America
Tel: 404-778-5770

Dr. Tewfik Jermyn Bichay

Director of Medical Physics
The Lacks Cancer Center
St. Marys Health Care
United States of America
Tel: 616-863-8664

Dr. John Patrick F Bebawy

Associate Professor
Department of Neurological Surgery
Northwestern University
United States of America
Tel: 312-695-0061

Dr. Khue Vu Nguyen

Departments of Biochemical Genetics & Metabolism
University of California
United States of America
Tel: 760-481-4520

Dr. Asif Bashir

Associate Professor
Neuroscience Department
New Jersey Neuroscience Institute
United States of America
Tel: +1-315-491-0012

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Latest Articles

Research Article

Dedicated Lead for Occipital Nerve Stimulation for Treatment of Refractory Head Pain: Technical Note

Occipital nerve stimulation (ONS) has been used for many years for the treatment of refractory headache and head pain. Its effect has been documented ... Read more


Case Report

Late Clinical Presentation of Tethered Cord Syndrome

Fifty six-years-old man with history of asthma and recurrent urinary tract infections, was presenting infrequent urine leakage for five years. The cli... Read more


Research Article

The Effect of Intracranial Migration of Foley Balloon Catheter after Tumor Resection

The incidence of intracranial tumor is 5% of that of systemic tumor. Some of them are presented as large ones because of slow growth. The higher compl... Read more


Retrospective Study

A Retrospective Analysis of the Trajectory of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Patients between their Last Spine Surgery and Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal surgery for patients with degenerative lumbar spine disorder has a high success rate, but some patients experience postoperative back and leg p... Read more


Research Article

Intraoperative Assessment of Carotid Endarterectomy Using Near-Infrared Indocyanine Green Video Angiography

The benefits and safety of carotid endarterectomy (CEA) for the treatment of carotid artery stenosis are well established. Perioperative complications... Read more


Research Article

Percutaneous Trigeminal Thermocoagulation at Amiens-Picardie Teaching Hospital from 2004 to 2015: about 52 Procedures

Refractory trigeminal neuralgia may be source of heavy discomfort and disability for patients with pitiful quality of life. Trigeminal thermocoagulati... Read more


Research Article

Ruptured Middle Cerebral Artery Aneurysms: Retrospective Study and Multivariate Analysis of 105 Patients Treated by Surgical Clipping

In this retrospective study, we analyzed 105 cases of ruptured MCAAs, admitted from January 2001 to December 2015 at Neurosurgical Department of Umber... Read more


Case Report

Tuberculoma of the Posterior Fossa: A Neurosurgical Matter

Tuberculoma of the brain is a hazardous disease, whose incidence in developed countries is increasing in parallel with the growing spread of tuberculo... Read more


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