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Journal of Fluid Dynamics is an open access, international, peer reviewed journal dedicated to publish novel research insights in the branch of continuum mechanics that deals with physics of continuous materials which deform when subjected to a force. The journal encourages researchers to discuss upon problems including but not limited to calculate various properties of the fluid, such as velocity, pressure, density, and temperature as functions of space and time.

The journal provides a forum for researchers to share, contribute and promote various forms of manuscripts such as original, reviews, mini reviews, rapid communication, perspectives, opinion, letters and other short articles. All the published content are made available to the readers to access and use limitlessly when cited under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License.

The journal publishes only selective manuscripts that are accepted by eminent experienced world class experts after closely evaluating the article in terms of quality, scientific validity and significance of the work.

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Prof. John D Bullock

Clinical Professor
Depatrment of ocular infectious diseases
Wright State University in Dayton
United States of America
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Prof. Dewei Qi

Department of Chemical and Paper Engineering
Western Michigan University
United States of America
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National Polytechnic Institute
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Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
University of Rochester
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Associate Professor
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Pennsylvania State University
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Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, and Mechanical Engineering
Louisiana Tech University
United states of America
Phone: (318)-257-4670

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Latest Articles of Fluid Dynamics

Research Article

Effect of Nonlinear Thermal Radiation on MHD Flow over a Vertical Cylinder Moving with Nonlinear Velocity

This paper discusses the effect of nonlinear radiative magnetohydrodynamic flow over a vertical cylinder that moves with nonlinear velocity. The mathe... Read more


Original Article

Thermal Radiation, Chemical Reaction and Viscous Dissipation Effects on MHD Mixed Convection Flow of Micro Polar Fluid with Stretching Surface in the Presence of Heat Generation/Absorption

Numerical and theoretical analysis of MHD mixed convection flow of micropolar fluid with stretching surface in the presence of thermal radiation, chem... Read more


Original Article

Influence of the Downstream Vehicle Length on Train Aerodynamics Subjected to Crosswind

Limited by the wind tunnel size, a short-length train model is generally adopted during the test to represent the realistic long tandem. Thus, the rea... Read more


Research Article

Creeping Micropolar Flow past a Porous Oblate Spheroid

A mathematical model for the creeping micropolar flow past a porous oblate spheroidal body is presented. The oblate spheroidal body possesses permeabi... Read more


Review Article

The Effect of Nanoparticles on MHD Blood Flow in Stretching Arterial Porous Vessel with the Influence of Thermal Radiation, Chemical Reaction and Heat Generation/Absorption

Numerical and theoretical analysis of the effect of nanoparticles on MHD blood flow in stretching arterial porous vessel with the influence of thermal... Read more


Review Article

Oseen’s Correction to Stokes Drag in the Perspective of Newtonian and Micro-polar Fluid: A Technical Note

The theory of low Reynolds number hydrodynamics has great importance in the study of Geophysical flow and Physiological flow. In low Reynolds number h... Read more


Research Article

Operation of Rectangular Jet using a Rectangular Notch at the Midspan

The mean and turbulent flowfields of turbulent jet issuing from a rectangular nozzle (AR: Aspect Ratio = 12.5) with a rectangular notch at the midspan... Read more


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