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Journal of Bioengineering and Technology is an open access, peer reviewed journal publishing novel application of concepts and methods of biology to solve real challenges and problems related to clinical, medical and life sciences. Journal of Bioengineering and Technology emphasizes engineering applications through physical and mathematical sciences to analyze, design and construct inanimate tools, structures and processes by biological engineering. It uses primarily the rapid developing molecular biology to study and advance applications of organisms and to create biotechnology.

The journal is an open forum to share, promote and contribute various article types such as research, reviews, rapid communication, commentaries, opinions, perspectives, letter, etc. All the published articles are made accessible permanently to the readers without any restriction barriers under Creative Common Attribution License.

Journal of Bioengineering and Technology analyze each submission closely by international section experts to withhold the quality and scientific validity of the published content.

Editorial Board

Dr. Dongming Hou

Associate Professor
Department of Pharmacy
Mercer University
United States of America
Tel: 763-255-0606

Prof. Brian Wigdahl

Professor and Chair
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Drexel University College of Medicine
United States of America
Tel: 215-991-8352

Prof. Parsons Xuejun Huang

Department of Regenerative Medicine
San Diego Regenerative Medicine Institute
United States of America
Tel: 858-243-2046

Prof. Zvi Kelman

Biomolecular Labeling Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology & IBBR
United States of America
Tel: 240-314-6294

Prof. Esmaiel Jabbari

Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
University of South Carolina
United States of America
Tel: 803-730-4911

Dr. Endalkachew Sahle Demessie

Senior Scientist
National Risk Management Research laboratory
US Environmental Protection Agency
Tel: 513-569-7739
United States of America

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Latest Articles of Bioengineering and Technology

Research Article

Tumor Modeling and Microwave Heating for Increasing Oxygen in Tumors during Photodynamic Therapy

Tumor destruction due to Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) is mainly governed by the amount of molecular oxygen present in the tumor. Oxygen is one of the ra... Read more


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