Vaccine Research and Development

Vaccine Research and Development

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Vaccine Research and Development publishes open access, peer reviewed high quality articles focused upon latest information about vaccines and immunizations. The journal is dedicated to cover various article types such as original, reviews, cases, commentaries, perspectives, opinions and letters comprehending research updates in preparation, administration, and effectiveness of vaccines to fight and eradicate infectious diseases.

The journal provides comprehensive knowledge upon vaccine benefits, side effects and ingredients. Journal is open to discuss upon issues concerning vaccines and vaccine safety: the history, science, benefits, and risks of vaccines, including the controversies and common questions neighboring vaccines, and an update on recently created vaccines and recent outbreaks of previously controlled diseases.

The journal brings the accessibility of published articles, coupled with the rights to use these articles fully in the digital environment under Creative Common Attribution License.

Editorial Board

Prof. Yuanan Lu

Professor and Director
Environmental Health Laboratory
University of Hawaii
United States of America
Tel: 808-956-2702

Dr. Terry Lichtor

Associate Professor
Department of Neurological Surgery,
Rush University, Chicago, Illinois
United States of America
Tel: 847-251-6760

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