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Journal of Robotics and Automation

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Journal of Robotics and Automation is an open access, peer reviewed journal covering multidisciplinary fields such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer science that deals with the design, manufacture, operation, and application of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. The journal invites researchers to contribute, share and promote the word of open access.

The journal is open to seek contributions in various forms such as original, reviews, rapid communications, opinions, perspectives and other short articles that fall under the scope of journal. The journal closely evaluates each submission closely under international experienced experts of the field to ensure high quality and judge scientific validity.

All the published content with Journal of Robotics and Automation are made available without any restriction barriers under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License.

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Coronavirus Pandemic and Future Possibilities in Robotics Research

With the Coronavirus pandemic, I have been thinking about the possibilities of using robots to help with the situation, and in what forms. The possibi... Read more


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On Model Checking of a Robotic Mechanism

Developing robot control systems can get complex even for small number of functions to be carried by the robot. Finite state machines are representing... Read more


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Requirement Analysis of an OWL Based Disassembly Planning Information Model

Disassembly, a process of separating the End of Life (EOL) product into discrete components for re-utilizing their associated residual values, is an i... Read more


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Optimized Convolutional Neural Network-Based Object Recognition for Humanoid Robot

In recent years, many researchers have proposed a series of algorithms based on convolutional neural networks and achieved good performances in the fi... Read more


Review Article

A Robotic Transportation System via Hybrid Jump-Gliding Locomotion

In this paper, various methods of bio-inspired locomotion are investigated with the objective of designing a robotic system to transport a payload via... Read more


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Design and Analysis of Drive Mechanism of Piping Robot

Piping robots are needed for inner pipe operations in nuclear and oil & gas industries etc. Many pipe inspection robots have been developed. However ... Read more


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Humankind Engineering and Management: Robotic Track

The urbane behaviours distinguish men, from the other living beings. After birth, the human babies receive education and training, teaching to them th... Read more


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Development of a Human-Robot-Collaboration System using the Example of a Riveting Process in Aircraft Assembly

Assembly processes in aircraft production are particularly difficult to automate due to a variety of technical challenges including, small batch sizes... Read more


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The Turing Test and Android Science

As is well-known, Turing's classic test was based on the simultaneous comparison by an interrogator of two hidden entities, one being human and the ot... Read more



Inchworm Inspired Pneumatic Soft Robot Based on Friction Hysteresis

In this paper, we present an inchworm-inspired pneumatic soft robot that requires only one degree-of-freedom control to generate continuous linear loc... Read more


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