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Insights of Forest Research is an open access, peer reviewed journal focused to publish authoritative articles that summarizes the state-of-the-art for key topics within the scope of the journal. The journal aims to focus upon the views of the current expertise and status of forestry research and the research precising the approaches of natural resource education and forestry-research organizations to meet future needs. It encourages the forest experts to share, promote and contribute research and management issues effectively in a complex social, political, and technical environment.

Manuscripts are selected solely by a precise peer review procedure intending to publish rapid and wide dissemination of research results, advance application of new techniques, and associated managerial and policy issues. The journal publishes a wide range of manuscript types such as original, reviews, rapid communications, opinions, perspectives, commentaries and letters.

All the published manuscripts are made available with no restriction barriers when cited under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License.

Editorial Board

Prof. William Kirby Smith

Department of Biology
Wake Forest University
United States of America

Dr. Richard Condit

Staff Scientist
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
United States of America
Tel: 831-227-3282

Prof. Giacomo Alessandro Gerosa

Department of Ecology
University of Brescia
Brescia, Italy
Tel: 346-6786253

Dr. Vyacheslav Victorovich Martemyanov

Senior Scientist
Institute of Systematics and Ecology of Animals
Tel: +7-383-2170326

Dr. Jaya Shankar Tumuluru

Research Scientist
Biofuels and Renewable Energy Technologies Division
Idaho National Laboratory
Idaho Falls, United States of America
Tel: 208-526-0529

Dr. Artemi Cerda

Department of Geography
University of Valencia

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Latest Articles of Forest Research

Research Article

Determining Nursery Life Span of Populus tremuloides in Ethiopia Conditions

The study was conducted at nursery station of Central Ethiopia environment and Forest research center to determine nursery life span of Populus tremul... Read more


Research Article

One-Compartment Soil Water Model for Forestlands in Water-Limited Regions

Understanding the vertical distribution dynamics of soil moisture is essential for estimating soil water resources, controlling soil degradation and r... Read more


Original Article

Checklist and Ethnobotanical Knowledge of Timber Species in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

An appraisal of the ethnobotanical knowledge of the timber species in Bayelsa State, Nigeria, was carried out with the aid of a semi structured questi... Read more


Review Article

Colophospermum Mopane Leaf Production and Phenology in Southern Africa's Savanna Ecosystem - A Review

colophospermum mopane, commonly known as mopane, is a dominant tree or shrub in the mopane woodland. It is widely distributed in the low-lying areas o... Read more


Review Article

Soils at the Altitudinal and Northern Treeline: European Alps, Northern Europe, Rocky Mountains - A Review

No treeline-specific soil types exist. The treeline ecotone is usually characterized by a mosaic of soil types closely related to the locally varying ... Read more


Research Article

Long-Term Vegetation Changes in the Pietersburg Plateau Bushveld of the Limpopo Province, South Africa: A New Floristic Assessment of the Turfloop Nature Reserve

A floristic assessment of the Turfloop Nature Reserve was undertaken, with specific reference to the vegetation structure, species of conservation imp... Read more


Research Article

Impact of Ethnobotanical Utilization on the Population Structure of Androstachys johnsonii P rain. in the Vhembe Area of the Limpopo Province, South Africa

Due to high levels of impoverishment, rural communities in southern African are highly dependent on their surroundings to sustain their livelihood. Ho... Read more


Research Article

The Effect of Root and Shoot Extracts of Seriphium Plumosum as Allelopathic Agents

Seriphium plumosum is a declared indicator of bush encroachment and poses a serious threat to the management of sustainable utilization in all grassla... Read more


Research Article

Comparisons Infloristic Composition and Plant Species Diversity Amongst Granite Outcrops of the Mamabolo Mountain Bushveld, South Africa

The geographical landscapes together with environmental conditions are well recognised drivers in determining a suitable habitat for plants and animal... Read more


Research Article

Elephant Management Plan Outputs

The African elephant is listed as a Protected Species in the list of Threatened or Protected Species. The interaction between elephants and trees in A... Read more


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