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Advances in Metallurgical and Material Engineering is an open access, peer reviewed journal that is focused to publish high quality articles in the field of materials science and engineering that studies the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements, their intermetallic compounds, and their mixtures, which are called alloys. Scientific Pages of Metallurgical and Material Engineering aims to gather conceptual and experimental research in development, production, processing of ferrous, non-ferrous and mineral materials.

The journal welcomes various article forms such as original, reviews, rapid communications, commentaries, opinions, other short articles in mining industry. All the published articles are closely evaluated by section peers and experienced board members to ensure high quality and impact and evaluate scientific validity. All the published content is freely accessible with no restriction barriers under Creative Commons Attribution License.

Advances in Metallurgical and Material Engineering aims to contribute share and promote the latest research in metallurgical and material engineering sciences.

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Prof. Scott X Mao

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
University of Pittsburgh
United States of America
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Prof. Bharat Bhushan

Howard D. Winbigler Professor
Director, Nanoprobe Laboratory for Bio- & Nanotechnology and Biomimetics
The Ohio State University
United States of America
Tel: 614-292-0651

Dr. Kaufui Vincent Wong

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of Miami
Florida, United States of America
Tel: 305 553-0928

Dr. George N Frantziskonis

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
University of Arizona
United States of America
Tel: 520-326-9373

Dr. Xuming Wang

Research Professor
Department of Metallurgical Engineering
University of Utah
United States of America
Tel: 801-585-1797

Dr. Ashutosh Tiwari

Director of MRSEC
Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering
University of Utah
United States of America
Tel: 801-585-1666

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Latest Articles of Metallurgical and Material Engineering

Research Article

Effects of Chemical Stabilisation of Eggshells-Lime and Fly-Ash-Cement on the Structural Strength of Subgrade Soil in Rural Roads

This study examines the chemical compositions of eggshell powder (ESP) and lime as the soil stabilisers and compared with the compositions of cement a... Read more


Research Article

Strontium Barium Titanates Nanowires Sensors: Preparation and Application in Prediction of Cancers by Exhaled Biomarkers

Sr0.6Ba0.4TiO3, SrTiO3, BaTiO3 nanowires were synthesized by hydrothermal method with all-inorganic raw materials and without any pH adjustment, organ... Read more


Review Article

High Temperature Rheological Characteristics of Iron and Steel Making Slag and its Waste Heat Recovery-A Review

Rheological analyses of materials are essential/major branch of science and engineering which have received much attention. Their determinations havin... Read more


Research Article

Plasma 3D-Priting of Micro-Punch Array for Fine Embossing into Biomedical Titanium Works

Biomedical titanium parts and tools required for tailored fine micro-textures to have their surface anti-bacteria. Formation of micro-grooves into a t... Read more


Research Article

Influence of Heat Treatment and Surface Finishing on the Corrosion Behavior of Additive Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V

Titanium and its alloys, particularly Ti-6Al-4V, produced by conventional technologies are widely used in industries such as in aeronautical and biome... Read more


Research Article

Application of Response Surface Methodology in Optimizing the Cold Compaction Parameters of Al-4Cu-XAl2O3 Composites

In this study, an evaluation quantitative approach is introduced not only to depict the plain individual effect of the influence of compact height to ... Read more


Research Article

Designing and Computational Modeling Study of Innovative Tundish Furnitures

Slag vortexing, Reoxidation of the liquid steel from tundish open eye with high superheat casting are main causes behind many customer complains as we... Read more


Research Article

Fully Coupled Thermo-Mechanical Modelling of the Initial Phase of the Friction Stir Welding Process Using Finite Element Analysis

In the present study a finite element model of the FSW process is built and a FSW but weld of two aluminium alloy 2024-T3 plates is simulated using a ... Read more


Original Article

High Performance Components by Powder Metallurgy

Ferrous powder metallurgy (P/M) has advanced significantly over the past thirty years as a cost effective and efficient processing technique to make i... Read more


Research Article

Simulation of a Dry Magnetic Separation Plant

A model is proposed to simulate the operation of a dry rotary drum magnetic separator. The model uses a probability distribution of the trajectories f... Read more


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