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Review Article   |   10.36959/763/518 Volume 4 Issue 2

Covid-19, Isolation, Mammalian Dispersal Patterns, Urban Density, Social Distancing and Mass Psychogenic Disease

Authors: Niccolo Caldararo, Ph.D
Similarities between past Mass Psychogenic Disease events and mass behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic are compared. Isolation of mass populations in typically dense urban areas are examined as an u... Read more

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Perspective   |   10.36959/763/517 Volume 4 Issue 2

Notes on a Possible Application of the Notion of Assimilation in History

Authors: Giuseppe Iurato
In this brief note, we stand out a possible application of the historical anthropology notion of assimilation to history, with a particular attention to some decolonization aspects and other ... Read more

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Perspective   |   10.36959/763/516 Volume 4 Issue 2

Paradoxical Support for the So-Called

Authors: Bruce Rothschild
The "osteological paradox" has seemingly been utilized as a mechanism to permit promulgation of speculations, compromising their testing and falsification. Such repetition of consensus-based opinions ... Read more

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Review Article   |   10.36959/763/515 Volume 4 Issue 2

The Kreyol Reading Room

Authors: Paul C Mocombe
The purpose of this work is threefold. First, using a structurationist approach, phenomenological structuralism, to understanding the constitution of society and practical consciousness, I argue that ... Read more

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Perspective   |   10.36959/763/514 Volume 4 Issue 2

Mocombeian Antihumanism

Authors: Paul C Mocombe
In the age of neoliberal (postindustrial) globalization social integration takes place, paradoxically, through the identity politics of postmodernism and poststructuralism on the one hand, and the con... Read more

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Perspective   |   10.36959/763/513 Volume 4 Issue 2

How Our Body's Evolution was guided by Our Abdominal Organs (The Intelligence behind Evolution)

Authors: Fletcher Kovich, Lic.Ac
A current theory is that each creature's evolution may have been determined by random variations in its genes, combined with natural selection, and perhaps some other unknown influence. In contrast, ... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/763/512 Volume 4 Issue 2

Hypothetical Origin of NAT2 Slow Acetylator in Human Evolution

Authors: Ratan Kumar Rai
In the process of biological evolution, our ancestors have faced many environmental challenges and the genomes of the present-day humans are storages of environmentally adapted genetic entities in the... Read more

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Perspective Article   |   10.36959/763/511 Volume 4 Issue 2

Overcoming the Challenges of Managing Obesity in Barbados: A Psychological Perspective

Authors: Opal Davidson
The overwhelming increase in the prevalence of obesity worldwide and especially within the Caribbean among all age groups has result in an urgent need to find solutions to this fast growing global epi... Read more

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