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Research Paper   |   10.36959/447/352 Volume 5 Issue 1

Hopes for The Future of Humanity

Authors: Krystyna C Laycraft
we present decisions and actions of people, who gave an enormous hope for the future of humanity and protection against Covid-19. Then we introduce the model of decision-making and discuss the concept... Read more

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Retrospective Cohort Study   |   10.36959/447/352 Volume 5 Issue 1

Stress-Associated Cognitive Impairments amongst Faculty of a Southern Nigeria University: Investigating the Effects of Perceived Stress on Cognition Scores

Authors: Promise Tamunoipiriala Jaja and Datonye Victor Dapper
Stress-induced cognitive-decline is emphasized by stress-hormone receptors presence in brain cognition-control areas in animal models; human studies are few. We established the burdens of stress and m... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/447/351 Volume 5 Issue 1

View of Self Scale: Measuring Negative Self-Referential Thoughts in Depression

Authors: Jennifer K Lehmann, Ph.D, James C Overholser, Ph.D, Alison Athey, Ph.D, Silvia Hernandez, M.A, Eleanor Beale, M.A and Josephine Ridley, Ph.D
Negative beliefs regarding the self are a key feature of depression, over and above beliefs about the future or beliefs about the world. A clinically relevant measure of self-view could help further u... Read more

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