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Research Article   |   10.36959/624/446 Volume 5 Issue 2

Remediation of Heavy Metals Contaminated Soils: A bibliometric Network Analysis

Authors: Rongxin Guo, Xusheng Zheng, Yiwen Yang, Dexun Zou, and Yanping Liu
With the acceleration of industrialization, heavy metal pollution, as one of the major types of soil pollution, is more and more serious. Therefore, the remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil ha... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/624/445 Volume 5 Issue 2

Evaluation of Soil and Groundwater Quality at the New Georgia Open Dumpsite in Caldwell, Liberia

Authors: Cecelia F Fallah, Lenn G Gomah, Rafael S Ngumbu, Joseph F Charles, and Yekeh Howard
Leaching emanating from municipal solid waste dumpsite is one of the major causes of soil and groundwater contamination. This study was conducted to determine the extent to which the open dumpsite in ... Read more

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Research Article   |   10.36959/624/444 Volume 5 Issue 2

Field Research Report on Radioactive Cesium Contained in Persimmon Growing at Orchards of Fukushima Eight Years after the Nuclear Power Plant Accident

Authors: Kenji Kikuchi
Test results on radioactive substances in Anpo-gaki [half dried persimmon] obtained in the year 2017 were posted on the Fukushima Prefecture website. Parts of the experimentally processed persimmon on... Read more

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