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Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome: An Image of Extreme Case

It is a picture of a baby patient affected by the syndrome, showing the gross anatomy of the heart self with a big discrepancy between the dimension... Read more


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The L-PRF Membrane (Fibrin Rich in Platelets and Leukocytes) and Its Derivatives (A-PRF, I-PRF) Are Useful as a Source of Stem Cells in Regenerative Wound Therapy: Experimental Work on the Horse

Growing multidisciplinary field of tissue engineering aims to regenerate, improve or replace predictably damaged or missing tissues for a variety of ... Read more


Case Report

Factor VII Arg304Gln (FVII Padua) in North and South Americas: The Influence of Past

All homozygous cases of this FVII defect reported from the Mediterranean countries and from North and South America have been evaluated. Both papers ... Read more


Research Article

This paper tries to explain: How we tend to automatically ascribe mental representations to social actors on the basis of scripts, roles, categories ... Read more


Case Report

Black Mold: A Case Presentation and Discussion of Cutaneous Stachybotrys chartarum Infection

At high rates of growth, the fungus can produce mycotoxins that become airborne and inhaled. Inhalation of significant amounts of black mold causes ... Read more


Case Report

Split Suction Catheter Stuck in an Endotracheal Tube: A Case Report

Suction of the endotracheal tube (ETT) is frequently required for mechanically ventilated patients in the operating room or intensive care unit. It ... Read more


Review Article

Sleep Disruptions and Disorders in Children and Adolescents: A Review of the Impact of Parents and Family on Sleeping Behaviors

Healthy sleep in children looks much like healthy sleep in adults. Preschoolers, children aged between three and five years, typically need 10-13 ho... Read more


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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools Constructed via the 5-Steps Rule for Predicting Post-Translational Modifications

Identification of the sites of post-translational modifications (PTMs) in protein, RNA, and DNA sequences is currently a very hot topic. This is beca... Read more


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Virtual Academic Units within UK Infrastructure for Research that Benefits Infants, Children and Young People

I believe that Virtual Academic Units or their equivalent are an extremely cost effective means of augmenting research capacity in areas which previ... Read more


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Comparison of the Hyponatremic Effects of Erythropoietin and U-74389G

This study calculated the effects on serum sodium (Na) levels, after treatment with either of 2 drugs: The erythropoietin (Epo) and the antioxidant l... Read more