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How to Improve the Laparoscopic Technique of Urologist

Since the 1990s, the rapid development of laparoscopic technology has led urologists into a new era of Urology - minimally invasive era. Compared with... Read more


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Spontaneous Unilateral Triplet Interstitial Ectopic Gestation: A Case Report

Unilateral multiple ectopic gestations are very rare, and usually associated with in vitro fertilization as has been reported in studies. Unilateral t... Read more


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Acceptance of COVID-19 Vaccination: Cross-Sectional Survey of Adults with Nonadherence to Physician- Recommended Statin Medications

COVID-19 vaccine uptake is a critical public health challenge. Suboptimal COVID-19 vaccination rates in the United States have highlighted the need to... Read more


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Transition of a Community Outreach Program to Virtual Learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic curtailed nearly all in-person educational activities and forced institutions to transition to hybrid or full virtual learning v... Read more


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Trophinin Expression and Regulation in the Porcine Uterus and Embryo during the Time of Embryo Implantation

Trophinin is an intrinsic membrane-bound protein that mediates homophilic cell adhesion by interacting with two cytoplasmic proteins, tastin and bysti... Read more

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Relation Between Repetitive Head Traumas and Academic Performance of Non-Concussed High School Athletes: A Comparison of High And Low Contact Sports

To assess the relation of repeated subconcussive head traumas and the academic performance and neuropsychological functioning of non-concussed high sc... Read more


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Additional Doses of Vaccines against COVID-19 - Attempting to Enhance the Immune Response

Vaccination against COVID-19 with a complete primary series is essential. To date, COVID-19 vaccines have demonstrated high vaccine effectiveness agai... Read more


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Myeloid Sarcoma in the Ear Followed by Labyrinthine Hemorrhage: A Rare Presentation of Late Relapse in Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Myeloid sarcoma (MS) is an immature myeloid cells tumor that might occur in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) even without bone marrow involvement. We pres... Read more


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Synchronous Bilateral Retroperitoneoscopic Cortical Sparring Adrenalectomies - Case Series and Literature Review

Cortical-sparing synchronous bilateral adrenalectomy is one of the rarest operations performed because it is limited to a very small subset of patient... Read more


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Focal Electrographic Hints in Epileptic Spasms

Epileptic spasms (ES) is an age specific seizure disorder which is more frequent in infancy. Frequent untreated epileptic events have negative effect ... Read more