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Animal Models of Retinal Degeneration

Retinal degenerations (RDs) are a vast and heterogeneous group of inherited degenerative diseases (dystrophies) of the retina that lead to progressive... Read more



Neuropeptide Research in the Eye

The neuropeptide research in the eye began in the 80's with the investigation of the presence and distribution of substance P (SP), calciton in gene-r... Read more


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Serum Homocysteine Levels in Patients with Retinal Vein Occlusion in a Spanish Population

Prospective case-control study of all patients diagnosed with RVO at a tertiary-care hospital, and age-and sex-matched controls taking part in a popul... Read more


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Anthocyanin Pigments in Redbud (Cercis spp) Flowers

Redbud (Cercis spp.) is used as a spring flowering ornamental tree and is found wild in much of North America. Typically flowers are light purple alth... Read more


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Phenotypic Characterization and Evaluation of European Cherry Collections: A Survey to Determine the Most Commonly used Descriptors

Standardization of descriptors and protocols is a precondition when aiming to harmonize characterization data records from different plant collections... Read more


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Successful Treatment of Neonatal Extreme Breastfeeding-Associated Hypernatremia

Exclusive breastfeeding is a leading cause of hypernatremia and dehydration. We describe successful treatment in a case of extreme breastfeeding hyper... Read more


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Mindfulness and Taijiquan

The practice of mindfulness as a meditation process has become highly topical with numerous reported links to benefits for physical and psychological ... Read more


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Perinatal Administration of Caffeine in Mice Affects the Spatial Memory and Motor Coordination Later in Adult Life

Data emerging that maternal consumption of moderate amount of caffeine will affect the development of the fetus and later the cognitive function of th... Read more


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The Discovery of the "Calcium Paradox" Due to Ca2+/Camp Interaction: Novel Adventures for the Pharmacotherapy of Neurological/Psychiatric Disorders

Our discovery of the involvement of the interaction between intracellular signalling pathways mediated by Ca2+ and cAMP (Ca2+/cA... Read more


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Exercise Associated Muscle Cramps - A Current Perspective

Exercise-associated muscle cramps (EAMC) are a common condition experienced by recreational and competitive athletes and often require medical attenti... Read more