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Emerging and Reemerging Human Viral Diseases

The pathogens including viruses, parasites and other microbes, are known to emerge and evolve since thousands of the years ago. Viruses are potent inf... Read more


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Molecular Characterization of Novel Porcine Circovirus 3 (PCV3) in Pig Populations in the North of Vietnam

In 2015, a novel circovirus (Porcine circovirus 3, PCV3) was detected for the first time from pigs suffered from porcine dermatitis and nephropathy sy... Read more


Case Report

Postoperative Surgicel Mimicking Pelvic Abscess Causing Mechanical Bowel Obstruction following Abdominal Hysterectomy

Oxidized regenerated cellulose (Surgicel), a sterile knitted fabric that causes thrombus formation due to its physical properties, is frequently used ... Read more


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Nikola Tesla's Free Electricity Electronic Circuit

Nikola Tesla was an inventor who is best known for his contributions for the design for generating alternating current, Electricity supply system etc.... Read more


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Phytodermatitis: A Brief Review of Human Skin Reactions Caused by the Kingdom Plantae

Many organisms of the kingdom Plantae may cause skin reactions when contacted or ingested. Those involved in work and recreation in the great outdoors... Read more


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Cardiac Remodeling Profile in High-Level Women Soccer Players: A Preliminary Study

The cardiac remodeling is variable according to the type of sport, which makes difficult the appreciation of what amounts to cardiac adaptation compar... Read more


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Revised and Updated Systematic Inventory of Non-Marine Molluscs Occurring in the State of Santa Catarina/SC, Central Southern Brazil Region

Based on the last list of non-marine molluscs from Santa Catarina state, published in 2014, the current inventory of continental molluscs (terrestrial... Read more


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Environmental Art and Environmental Beliefs: The Case of Plastic Bag Pollution in Oceans

This paper reports the results of two experiments exploring the impact of exposure to environmental art on environmental beliefs, using images of plas... Read more


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Different Conceptualizations of Optimism/Pessimism and Their Relationship with Physical and Mental Health and Health-Related Behaviors

There are practically no studies on the relationship between defensive pessimism and health. The objectives are (i) To examine the relationship betwee... Read more


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Photo-Prevention and Surgical Interventions in Xeroderma Pigmentosum

Xeroderma pigmentosum (XP) is a genodermatosis that results in increased sensitivity to UV-radiation, resulting in early onset of photodamage and skin... Read more