Review Article

Public Health Perspectives as the COVID-19 Vaccines Enter Production and Distribution Phases

If the vaccines achieve the desired effect of protecting vulnerable and frontline workers, and maybe the general world population from this infection,... Read more


Case Report

Homeopathic Intervention in Health Workers with COVID-19: Case Study

The article brings two cases, both of health workers subject to multiple psychological stresses during the pandemic, diagnosed with COVID-19 and submi... Read more


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Trichorhinophalangeal Syndrome Type 1: Unusual Case Report and Review of Literature

The carrier of the syndrome may present skeletal, craniofacial, and oral manifestations. The main characteristics that the individual may present are ... Read more


Original Article

Assessment of the QT Interval in WPW: A New Approach to Calculating the QT Interval in Pre-excitation

The initial slurring of the QRS complex, in WPW increases the QT interval rendering it a less accurate assessment of repolarization. The objective was... Read more


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Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Inherited Predisposition to Cardiac Disease

Cardiac disease, which is a common condition with genetic predisposition, has become a relatively frequent indication for preimplantation genetic test... Read more


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Characterization and Optimization of Incinerated Municipal Solid Waste Fly Ash as a Cement Substitute Material in Concrete at Reppie Waste to Energy Plant, Ethiopia, East Africa

Incinerated municipal solid waste fly ash is a byproduct of Reppie Waste to Energy Plant Technology found after generation of power and electricity. T... Read more


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Characterization of Jatropha Oil and its Biodiesel

The ever-increasing demand in consumption of fossil fuel strongly contradicted by its depletion in reserves coupled with the Green House Gas effect as... Read more



Post-COVID Geriatric Patients - Anaesthetic Considerations

Such headings often greet us in newspapers and news channels during coronavirus disease (COVID) times. This only means that there are quite a few geri... Read more


Case Report

Dislodged Gastrostomy Tube in a Delirious Patient with Advanced Laryngeal Cancer

A 71-year-old female patient undergoing radiotherapy for head and neck cancer received a radiologically inserted gastrostomy (RIG) tube due to dysphag... Read more


Review Article

A Scoping Review on Biological Factors Associated with Interpersonal Violence in Adults with Severe Mental Illness

Knowledge about the biological basis of violence in people with severe mental illness is needed to formulate strategies in the management of violence.... Read more