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Injuries Among Adolescent Water Polo Players: Demographics, Evaluation, and Management

The combination of swimming, throwing, and physical contact in water polo places players at risk for a range of injuries. Prior research has demonstra... Read more


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Triple Testis in Pediatric: The Story and Management

The presence of more than two testicles is rare congenital anomaly and has different names in the literature like Polyorchidism, triochidism & supernu... Read more


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The Role of Quercetin in Ameliorating ARDS in COVID-19 Patients

The sudden outbreak of a novel coronavirus in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, known as Covid-19, spread throughout the world as a global pandemic. An i... Read more


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Feelings, Dıfficultıes, and Solution Suggestions of Nurses During Covid-19 Pandemic Period: The Case of Turkey

The data of this descriptive type study were obtained from the nurses who could be reached online between 3-9 April 2020.The sample of the study consi... Read more


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Lipoma of the Parotid Gland: A Case Report and Review of Clinical Presentation, Method of Investigation and Management

Lipomas are common mesenchymal tumours; however, their occurrence in the head and neck region is relatively rare and account for only 15% - 25% of all... Read more


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Long Term Azithromycin use Reverses Post COVID-19 Lung Inflammation AND Fibrosis

Corona Virus (COVID-19) disease has affected large number of people around the globe. Pandemic still not in control and it is still causing significan... Read more


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Insight into SARS-CoV-2: Epidemiology, Hosts and One Health

The outbreak of the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is a serious threat to human health and has caused a huge economic loss. The intermediate animal host f... Read more


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High Density Lipoprotein as a Biomarker, Potential Therapeutic Target and Therapy

HDL is a plasma lipoprotein with the function of reverse cholesterol transport and inflammation modulation. Studies suggest that HDL can function as b... Read more


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Qtc Interval Dispersion in Patients with Acute Stroke

QT, QTc interval and QTc dispersion express the inhomogeneity of left ventricular repolarization time. Its extension results in an increase of vulnera... Read more


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Effect of Preemptive Episiotomy in Prevention of Perineal Tears in Multiparous Women with High Striae Gravidarum Score: A Randomized Controlled Study

A randomized controlled study (Clinical Trials.Gov: NCT02717676) included multiparous women with singleton full-term pregnancy. SG score was assessed ... Read more