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Routine Cystoscopy during Robotic Hysterectomy for Endometrial Cancer

A total of 157 cases met inclusion criteria and among those, five cases of urinary tract injury were identified (3.2%). Among the patients with urinar... Read more


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Remission of In-Transit Melanoma following Combination BRAF and MEK Inhibition Therapy: A Case Report

Satellite and in-transit melanoma represent the metastasis of cutaneous melanoma along lymphatics between the primary lesion and the regional lymph no... Read more


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Seven Day Anhepatic Survival in a 19 Month Old Child: An Interdisciplinary Challenge

Today, numerous patients with acute liver failure die due to shortage of donor organs and long waiting lists. We describe the paediatric intensive car... Read more


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Lung Function In Children With Scoliosis and Enhanced Spirometry Sensitivity When Using Arm Span Index for Restriction Detection

Scoliosis is the most common abnormality of the spine with direct effects on the thoracic cage, leading to potentially severe and irreversible changes... Read more


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The Prevalence Rate of Cigarette Smoking among Congestive Heart Failure Patients at a Local Family Health Center

The prevalence rate of smoking is well documented in the general population, but little is known among patients with Congestive Heart Failure (CHF). T... Read more


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In vitro Technical Aspects of Anti-Gene IGF-I Vaccines against Glioma

Research on glioblastoma has demonstrated a significant increase in IGF-I gene expression in this brain tumor. After suppression of IGF-I expression u... Read more


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Economy and Farm Management in Malaysia: Principles and Practices

Written by Mohd. Ghazali Mohayidin and Habibah Rohany, the writing of this book focuses on the systematic use of plantation management systems, especi... Read more



Africa Game Changer: AfCFTA Broaden African Existing Partnership

The African Union agreed in January 2012 to develop the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). It took eight rounds of negotiations, beginning ... Read more


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Cutis Verticis Gyrata Improved with Injected Hyaluronidase Treatments

Cutis verticis gyrata (CVG) is a condition of excessive skin growth on the scalp leading to deep furrows and folds that resemble the gyri of the brain... Read more


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Applying Deep Learning Techniques for Big Data Analytics: A Systematic Literature Review

Data are being generated from numerous sources and applications and are thereby becoming increasingly complex. The increase in the use of technologies... Read more