Review Article

The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Greek 'Miracle'

Positive outcomes in Greece were due to the following actions and initiatives taken early on during this worldwide health crisis: The correct and swif... Read more


Case Report

Spontaneous Retinal Pigment Epithelium Rips under Fovea with Preserved Good Visual Acuity Outcome

An 80-year-old lady was follow up in retina clinic for right only eye with Pigment Epithelium Detachment (PED). She had a history of left eye occult c... Read more


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Body Contouring: Combined Lower Circumferential Torsoplasty and Inferior Pedicle Mastopexy in Males: Male Lift-up Surgery

Male population experienced body contour deformities secondary to massive weight loss. Body-contouring surgery for chest and abdominal wall deformitie... Read more


Case Report

Minimally Invasive Single-Port Endoscopic Resection of Forehead Osteomas - Case Report and Literature Review

The osteoma was removed without complication and with good aesthetic results. A single-port endoscopic approach is safe and can achieve good aesthetic... Read more


Case Report

Case Report: The Combined Spinal and Caudal (CSC) Anesthetic-Is this the New Ideal Anesthetic in a Formerly Preterm, High-Risk Infant with Chronic Lung Disease Undergoing Infraumbilical Surgery?

Postoperative apnea is a well-recognized clinical entity commonly occurring in formerly preterm, high-risk infants. Spinal anesthesia has been demonst... Read more



How Our Body's Evolution was guided by Our Abdominal Organs (The Intelligence behind Evolution)

A current theory is that each creature's evolution may have been determined by random variations in its genes, combined with natural selection, and pe... Read more


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Evaluation of Safety of Pancreaticoduodenectomy for Patients with Benign Conditions

Pancreaticoduodenectomy (PD) is a complex and high-risk surgical procedure with substantial mortality and morbidity. Selected patients with benign con... Read more


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Ammi majus an Endemic Medicinal Plant: A Review of the Medicinal Uses, Pharmacological and Phytochemicals

Recently, most of the rural areas people are using alternative medicine for the treatment of diseases because they believe that natural medicine is al... Read more


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Younger Age Groups and the Next COVID-19 Wave

As lockdown measures to control the COVID-19 virus are being eased in a lot of countries, (including the United Kingdom), the potential of a second wa... Read more


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The Correlation between RAS and COVID-19, Short Review of the Latest Evidence

Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is responsible for the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cause of the recent global pandemic, which is causing thousands of deaths... Read more