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A Novel Nutrient Mixture Induces Apoptosis in Human Ovarian and Cervical Cancer Cells

Cervical cancer and ovarian cancer are the deadliest gynecological malignancies and are the fourth and fifth leading causes of death in women respecti... Read more


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Solving Integer Programming Problems by Hybrid Bat Algorithm and Direct Search Method

The goal of this work is to suggest a new hybrid algorithm to solve integer programming by incorporating the bat algorithm with direct search methods.... Read more


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Bacterial Biofilm and its Clinical Implications

Microbial biofilm created huge burden in treatment of both community and hospital infections. A biofilm is complex communities of bacteria attached to... Read more


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Soils at the Altitudinal and Northern Treeline: European Alps, Northern Europe, Rocky Mountains - A Review

No treeline-specific soil types exist. The treeline ecotone is usually characterized by a mosaic of soil types closely related to the locally varying ... Read more


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Embryo Rescue of Aged Cucurbita Pepo Seeds Using Squash Rescue Medium

Plant seed is both an important food source and an indispensable propagation material for many cultivated crop species. The ideal conditions required ... Read more


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Pediatric Abdominal and Thoracic Equestrian Injuries-Single Center Experience

Recent years have witnessed an increase in the popularity of equestrian sports and therapeutic riding. The aim of the study was to report the prevalen... Read more


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Fishing in the Dark: Retrieving Broken Instruments during a Spinal Lumbar Discectomy

The equipment utilized in surgical operations must be durable and safe. Regular checks to ensure no signs of wear or fatigue (that may result in failu... Read more


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Low-Cycle-Fatigue Failures of Solder Material in Electronics Packaging: Analytical Modeling Enables to Predict and Possibly Prevent Them-Review

This review paper is based mostly on the author's recent publications and addresses the application of analytical ("mathematical") predictive modeling... Read more


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An Overview of the Effects of Heavy Metals Content in Wastewater on Anammox Bacteria

The application of Anammox process in treating nitrogen rich wastewater had been more preferable since the discovery of Anammox process and Anammox ba... Read more


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The Risk of Developing Coal Workers' Pneumoconiosis in a German Inception Cohort of Coal Miners of Ruhr Area - Results after 30 Years of Follow-up

Comprehensive dust control and health protection measures have been implemented to prevent coal workers' pneumoconiosis (CWP) in German collieries sin... Read more