Research Article

Phosphate Determination in Aqueous Samples by Complex Formation with Rhodamine B

In this study novel approaches for determining trace levels of phosphate in aqueous pore water solutions are described. Phosphate in aqueous samples (... Read more


Retrospective study

Distal Femoral Extension Osteotomy with a Retrograde Nail for Treatment of pediatric Crouch Gait

Correction of persistent crouch gait in pediatric cerebral palsy patients is difficult. A combined distal femoral extension osteotomy (DFEO) along wit... Read more


Review Article

Hair-Thread Tourniquet Syndrome; Emergent Diagnosable Condition

Hair-thread tourniquet syndrome (HTTS), or hair tourniquet syndrome is a rare emergency condition that often occurs in infants and children when one o... Read more


Research Article

Is it Reasonable to Suggest the use of Laparoscopic Surgery for Endometrial Cancer Patients with Clear Cell Histology?

Clear cell endometrial carcinoma comprises an aggressive subtype of endometrial cancer that is associated with poor survival outcomes compared to endo... Read more


Research Article

Expanding Cognitive Screening for Older Adults in Primary Care

In this piece, we raise the topic of universal cognitive screening for older adults. Dementia is the leading cause of disability, individual struggles... Read more


Review Article

Review on Causes and Management Strategies of Salt Affected Soils in Lowlands of Ethiopia

Soil salinization is one of the major constraints in achieving food security and environmental degradation in Ethiopia. Restoration of salt-affected l... Read more


Review Article

Nature Based Climate Change Adaptation Measures for Sustainable Crops Production in Ethiopia: Review

Ethiopian crop production system is tremendously exposed to climate change impacts. Climate change, the higher increase in growing season temperatures... Read more


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Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography in the Diagnosis of Brain Aneurysm

A 50-year-old male with no relevant clinical history presented sudden headache accompanied by nausea, which evolved with facial paresis and drowsiness... Read more


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Euclidean Distance Detects Morphoagronomic Differences in the Progeny of Rice Regenerated Plants Compared to the Traditional Cultivar

In vitro culture is recognized as one of the main causes of phenotypic, morphological or biochemical differences of vitroplants compared to the tradit... Read more


Case Report

It's a Bit Crowded in Here: Examining Pressure Reactivity in Craniocerebral Disproportion

Pressure reactivity index (PRx) is a measure used to gain insights into cerebrovascular reactivity. It is generally used in acute settings such as tra... Read more