Case Study

Prosthetic Hip-Associated Cobalt Toxicity (Phact) Reversal through Nutrition Supplementation and Dietary Intervention

Cases of Prosthetic Hip-Associated Cobalt Toxicity (PHACT) are becoming more prevalent in medical literature. Conditions associated with cobalt toxici... Read more


Original Research

Comparative Evaluation of Malnutrition Screening in Oncology Patients in an Acute Care Hospital: A Pilot Study

Malnutrition is associated with negative health consequences in the cancer population, making it imperative for an efficient interdisciplinary approac... Read more


Case Report

Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity and Iron Deficiency Anemia Reversal through Nutrition: A Case Report

Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) is becoming more clearly defined and accepted in the medical literature. Indirect evidence suggests that NCGS is ... Read more


Research Article

Inhibition of the Sonic Hedgehog Pathway by Cyclopamine or GLI1 siRNA Reduces In Vivo Tumorigenesis of Human Medulloblastoma Cells Xenotransplanted to Immunodeficient Nude Mice

Medulloblastoma is an aggressive tumor; grade IV of the WHO classification that develops in the cerebellum, mostly linked to infancy and adolescence. ... Read more


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Somatoform and Affective Disorders in Chronic Pain: Temporary Sequence and Associated Factors

Pain is a multidimensional experience encompassing both sensory and emotional elements. There are many factors involved in the etiopathogenesis, evolu... Read more


Case Report

Anterior Pelvic Quadrangular External Fixation Frame: A Simple Modification of the Anterior External Fixator to Allow an Anterior Approach to the Pelvis

Unstable and displaced anterior pelvic ring traumatic injuries can be provisionally and sometimes definitively stabilized using anterior pelvic extern... Read more


Case Report

Laparoscopic Trocar Associated with Potential Nickel Contact Dermatitis

Allergic Contact Dermatitis (ACD) is a substantial health problem, with nickel being the most frequently confirmed allergen on patch testing worldwide... Read more


Review Article

Crossmatch Strategies in Renal Transplantation: A Practical Guide for the Practicing Clinician

Immunogenetic profiling of transplant recipients and pre-transplant tissue crossmatch between potential donor and recipient is mandatory in modern-day... Read more


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Temporal Variation of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Species Distribution on Total Phytoplankton Biomass in Eutrophic Lakes

To aid in the eutrophication management, the relationships between total algal biomass in response to varying nitrogen and phosphorus species concentr... Read more


Review Article

Sustainable Development and the Environment: Issues for the Asian Region

Sustainable Development (SD) received considerable attention since its inception as an overarching goal of economic and social development by the UN a... Read more