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Lymphocytosis with Large Granular Cells: Correlation between T-Cell Receptor Rearrangement and CD57 Expression

The finding of large granular cells is relatively frequent when reviewing a blood smear for lymphocytosis (or for any other reason). The presence of t... Read more



How COVID-19 Reaffirmed Our Commitment to Primary Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected family medicine and primary care clinicians in complex ways. While many publications focus on the problems, struggl... Read more


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Responses of Antioxidants Enzymes to Oxidative Stress in the Floral Species Drimia Maritime

In natural habitats, plants that encounter adverse growth conditions are preserved in natural reserves where rare or endangered species, such the rare... Read more


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Rice Bran Fermented with Newly Isolated Lactobacillus Plantarm IICF2-1 Influences the Growing Properties and the Intestinal Bacteria in Growing Piglets

Rice bran (RB) fermented with a newly isolated Lactobacillus plantarum (L. plantarum ⅡCF2-1) was prepared, and added to basic feed (5%, w/w), then f... Read more


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Factors Influencing Reporting of Medical Errors Amongst Nurses in Pediatric Wards in Three Teaching and Referral Hospitals in Nairobi Kenya

Service delivery is among the six health system strengthening pillars by World Health Organization. Successful health services bring about effective, ... Read more



Opinions of Generation X Nurse Managers on Generation Y Nurses: A Qualitative Study

This research was conducted with the aim of determining how generation X nurse managers working in different hospitals perceive generation Y nurses un... Read more


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Methodological Integration in Health Research: The Case of Institutional Ethnography, Interpretive Phenomenology, and Critical Discourse Studies

Healthcare problems are complex, dynamic, and interdisciplinary, especially when promoting patient-centered care and communication or honouring patien... Read more


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Fear and its Influence on the Healthcare Seeking Behaviour of Jamaicans during the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Pandemic

The purpose of this study was to 1) Examine the level of fear among Jamaicans since the COVID-19 pandemic began, 2) Investigate how the fear of COVID-... Read more


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Low Cost ECG Using Neuro-Diffuse System for Recognition of Medical Signs

The objective of this project is to optimize the diagnostic process in the industry dedicated to the medical sector through diffuse control. For this,... Read more


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Usefulness of The Syntax Revascularization Index and The Concept of Reasonable Incomplete Revascularization In "All Comers" Patients Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

In particular settings, achieving complete coronary revascularization could be very challenging. The Syntax Revascularization Index (SRI) represents a... Read more