Case Report

A Case of Complicated Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis Successfully Managed Conservatively

Prosthetic valve endocarditis (PVE) is associated with high morbidity and carries a guarded overall prognosis. The management of this condition is bas... Read more


Review Article

Guidelines and Best Practice Recommendations on Obstetric Care of Pregnant Patients with COVID-19 Infection: Scoping Review

The Management of pregnant women with COVID-19 infection is usually based on limited evidence from care reports and expert opinions. The aim of this s... Read more


Letter to the Editor

COVID-19 Vaccine: Concerns and Comfort, Who Should Take It?

COVID-19 impact on humanity is going to be long lasting from health to loss of human life, it’s economic constrains will continue to have devastatin... Read more



Optimising Geriatric Care in the COVID Era

A combination of complex physical, cognitive, functional and social issues in the geriatric patient make evaluation and management uniquely challengin... Read more


Research Article

Prediction of Mortality and Clinical Decisions Using Frailty Scores in Hospitalized Elderly with Covid-19

Many decisions in clinical care in elderly patients admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 are based upon mortality risk. Screening for frailty is rec... Read more


Research Article

Does Arsenic Exposure Have a Role in Development of Thyroid Disease?

Several animal studies indicate arsenic toxicity can affect thyroid hormone metabolism. There is no study in the English scientific literature of the ... Read more


Review Article

Role of Machine Learning Algorithms in Forest Fire Management: A Literature Review

Forest fire disasters are recently getting lots of attention due to climate change globally. Globally, climate changes are rapidly changing the fire p... Read more


Review Article

A 2020 Review of Mental Health Comorbidity in Gender Dysphoric and Gender Non-Conforming People

In the last few years, several studies have suggested the presence of high rates of psychopathology in the trans population and those with gender vari... Read more


Review Article

Oral Infection - Parkinson’s Disease, Concepts of Neuroinflammation. Could there be a New Investigation Model?

Periodontitis is a chronic, oral poly microbial infection affecting nearly 60% of the population worldwide and is the most prevalent oral inflammatory... Read more


Research Article

Influence of Acetaldehyde on Oral Epithelial Cells

Acetaldehyde, a product of alcohol metabolism, has been recognized a risk factor for carcinogenesis. To clarify the carcinogenic effects of acetaldehy... Read more