Case Report

An Unusual Case of Entamoeba Histolytica Infection in Miami Fl: Case Report and Review of the Literature

We report a case of E. histolytica, which is a rare parasitic infection in North America. A 66-year-old Ecuadorian female had an intermittent six-mont... Read more


Research Article

Performance of Differential Carrier Phase Recovery for QPSK Modulation Format

Advanced modulation formats in combination with digital coherent receivers are currently receiving significant attention for the next-generation of op... Read more


Research Article

Chamber Effects on Soil Moisture and Plant Productivity in Furrow-Irrigated Rice on a Silt-Loam Soil in Arkansas

Furrow-irrigation is a relatively new rice (Oryza sativa L.) production practice that results in large variations in nearsurface soil water contents a... Read more


Review Article

A Robotic Transportation System via Hybrid Jump-Gliding Locomotion

In this paper, various methods of bio-inspired locomotion are investigated with the objective of designing a robotic system to transport a payload via... Read more


Review Article

Diffuse Leptomeningeal Glioneuronal Tumor: Case Report and Review of Literature

In this study, we describe a rare case of disseminated CNS malignancy of childhood. A seven-year-old boy with headache, vomiting and gait disturbances... Read more


Case Report

Bilateral Ischiofemoral Impingement - Case Report and Surgical Technique of Endoscopic Treatment with Lesser Trochanter Partial Resection

Ischiofemoral impingement (IFI) is a rare cause of hip pain. In this pathology there is a space conflict between ischial tuberosity and lesser trochan... Read more


Case Report

Non-Invasive Laser Modalities in Treatment of Posterior Ventral Infarction

Postoperative myocardial infarction is not a well-studied topic after lung surgery. From the few reports in the literature, the frequency to range bet... Read more


Personal Opinion and Reflection

Peri-Operative Communication with Patients who have Mental Health Illness or Autism: The Need for Communication Skills Training for Anaesthetists

The peri-operative period can be stressful, and patients can feel vulnerable. This vulnerability can be exacerbated in patients with Mental Health Ill... Read more


Research Article

Bonded Tri-Material Specimen Subjected to Shear-Off Testing: Predicted Interfacial Stresses

A physically meaningful and easy-to-use analytical model based on the concept of the interfacial compliance is developed for the evaluation of the int... Read more


Review Article

Stem Cell Dynamics and Cytoceuticals for Therapeutics and Toxicity Screening: A Review

Cellular therapy involves use of whole cell or cell cytoplasmic macro-molecular inclusions and their derivatives as resources for treatment and manage... Read more