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NeoEssentialism, Species, and Molecular Phylogenetics Regarding Hominin Evolution

A number of recent articles have appeared on the hominin Denisova fossil remains. Many of them focus on attempts to produce DNA sequences from the ext... Read more


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Translational NIRS: Parallel Alteration of Brain Metabolism Following Alcohol Intake in Rodents and Man

Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) provides a non-invasive, non-ionizing means to monitor total haemoglobin concentration and oxygen saturation in the ... Read more


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An Investigation into the Effect of Blood Flow Restriction on Pain and Muscular Endurance in Healthy Human Participants

Within-subject repeated measures cross-over study comparing full BFR (200 mmHg), partial BFR (100 mmHg) and no (control) BFR during hand-grip exercis... Read more


Short Note

The Uncommon Insights of Fiction and Anthropology: A Personal Note

Moving from an initial position of rejection of, or at least scepticism about, the sense of bringing together fiction and anthropology, the author, co... Read more


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Impact of Two Hydrothermal Carbonization Filtrates on Soil Greenhouse Production

Hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) is a thermochemical treatment process that allows for the conversion of wet biomass slurries to new liquid and solid ... Read more


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A Comparative Study of the World's Most Dangerous Cities: Violence as the Ultimate Public Heath Challenge

With the pace of rapid urbanization, people not only live in cities, but in increasingly larger cities, resulting in major changes in daily living and... Read more


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The Dutch Head and Neck Audit: The First Steps

The treatment of Head and Neck Cancer (HNC) is an example of low volume, highly complex, multidisciplinary integrated care. To monitor and effectively... Read more


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A Qualitative Study of Transgender Women and Cisgender Men Living Together in Two Recovery Homes

Oxford Houses (OH) are a peer-run sober living homes that are the largest network of recovery homes with over 2,000 in the US. They are self-run witho... Read more


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Active Flutter Suppression of Stochastic Airfoil with Uncertain Pitch Stiffness

Flutter suppression of a typical airfoil with uncertain pitch stiffness by feedback control of its trailing-edge surface is analyzed. The pitch stiffn... Read more


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Phenytoin in Bipolar Depression: An Old Chapter, but Not Yet Properly Evaluated

To review and analyze the repurposing of phenytoin as a treatment for bipolar disorders. Phenytoin is an 80-years-old drug and its putative clinical v... Read more