Clinical Case

Stroke in a Child: The Role of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae and Coagulation Factor VIII

A 6-year-old child was admitted for an episode of generalized seizures. Shortly after admission in our Emergency Room, he developed somnolence and men... Read more



Selection of Potential Plants for Saponin Extract Using Supercritical-CO2 Extraction against Golden Apple Snails (Pomacea canaliculata) for Paddy Cultivation

Golden apple snail, (Pomacea canaliculata) has become a major constraint to the profitability of rice (Oryza sativa L.) farming by damaging rice seedl... Read more


Research Article

Survival and Grades vs. Costs and Values of Nivolumab in Cancer; the Impact of PD-L1 Positivity

Nivolumab (Nivo) is a programmed death receptor-1 immune check point antibody widely used in cancer.... Read more


Review Article

Referral Rate for, and Uptake of Genetic Testing in Women Diagnosed With Breast Cancer ≤ 35 and Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) ≤ 50

With the advent of novel treatment options for women with known BRCA status and breast cancer, it is important to understand the process and efficienc... Read more


Research Article

Survival and Values of the Immune Check Point Inhibitors in Non- Small-Cell Lung Cancer

The efficacy and safety of the Immune Check Point Inhibitors (ICPI) have been well documented. Their costs and values have received lesser attention.... Read more


Research Article

Protective Effects of Arbuscular Mycorrhizae against Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. ranunculi in Ranunculus asiaticus Cultivations for Flower Crop

The protective effects of arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization provided by use of Glomus sp. commercial formulates in Ranunculus asiaticus against Fusa... Read more


Research Article

Classification of Biostimulants Origin Using Amino Acids Composition of Hydrolyzed Proteins

The mechanisms of action of biostimulants are multiple and often work in synergy, and then it is not easy to find analytical methods for their charact... Read more


Review Article

Impacts of Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Temperature on Physicochemical and Nutrient Properties in Strawberries

Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) is one of the most popular edible fruit worldwide. Strawberries are generally cultivated in open fields or unde... Read more



What Constitutes Elemental Shape Information for Biological Vision?

The part itself would be seen not as a "part" of some earlier figure but as a self-sufficient whole in its own right Friedrich Wulf. We do not yet und... Read more


Research Article

A Hybrid Flower Pollination and Genetic Algorithm for Minimizing the Non-Convex Potential Energy of Molecular Structure

Minimizing the molecular potential energy function is a real-life problem which can help to predict the three-dimensional structure of the protein by ... Read more