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Effectiveness of Lifestyle Health Promotion Interventions for Nurses: Protocol for a Systematic Review

Risky lifestyle behaviours amongst nurses have been well documented. Studies have shown non-adherence among nurses to national public health guideline... Read more


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Evaluating Perioperative Blood Loss in Cardiac Surgery Patients Receiving High and Low Dose Tranexamic Acid

Excessive perioperative blood loss is a concern for patients undergoing high risk procedures; thus, tranexamic acid (TXA) is administered at the begin... Read more


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Primate Cognition and the Origins of Human Culture

The concept of culture is central to cross cultural psychology. This paper examines the evolutionary roots of human culture through examining the simi... Read more


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An Empirical Assessment of Soft and Hard Classroom Management Strategies Employed by Teachers in Secondary Schools in Kingston and St. Andrew, Jamaica

This study was conducted using quantitative method to evaluate the classroom management strategies employed by teachers in twenty secondary schools in... Read more


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Disparities in Genetic Referrals for Breast Cancer among the Asian Immigrant Populations: How Can We Eliminate Them?

Despite major advances in genetic testing for breast cancer, access to genetic counseling and testing are significantly lower among immigrant and refu... Read more


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Designing and Computational Modeling Study of Innovative Tundish Furnitures

Slag vortexing, Reoxidation of the liquid steel from tundish open eye with high superheat casting are main causes behind many customer complains as we... Read more


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Gene Deletions due to Ring Chromosome 16 are Associated with Low Reproductive Potential, a Novel Observation

Diminished ovarian reserve (DOR) is characterized by decreased number of oocytes associated with poor ovarian response (POR) to controlled ovarian hyp... Read more


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Doctor-Patient Relationship and Multimorbidity: The More Extraordinary a Case Seems, the Easier it is to Solve it

An effective patient-doctor communication and trust become especially important in managing patients with two or more chronic conditions. Multimorbidi... Read more


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Using Plant Functional Groups as a Strategy for Modeling Carbon Dynamics in Grassland Ecosystems

Carbon sequestration is paramount to help reduce climate change globally, and grasslands, representing 40% of all terrestrial area, can serve as prima... Read more


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Decision-Making as a Self-Organizing Process

We present the analysis of the process of decision-making by applying the main concepts of complexity science linked with the theories of emotions. De... Read more