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Operative Therapy of Achilles Tendon Rupture - A Critical Questioning of the Actual Literature

The current literature shows that operative treatment has advantages in comparison to conservative treatment for acute Achilles tendon ruptures and th... Read more


Case Report

Outcomes of Modified Second Intention Healing for Convex Craniofacial Mohs Defects

In patients with favorable wound healing profiles and surgical defects in well-perfused locations, second intention wound healing often leads to excel... Read more


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A Minimal Access Zygomatic Osteotomy Technique for the Correction of Facial Deformity

Zygomatic osteotomies for correction of late presentation zygomatic complex fractures or hypoplasia resulting in facial deformity has traditionally re... Read more


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Challenges on Determination of Malondialdehyde in Plant Samples

Malondialdehyde is a marker of lipid peroxidation and redox signaling and is used in many researches in the field of plant and biomedical investigatio... Read more


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New Atomic Model with Identical Electrons Position in the Orbital's and Modification of Chemical Bonds and MOT

The concept of atom has undergone numerous changes in the history of chemistry, most notably the realization that atoms are divisible and have interna... Read more


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Nursing Students' Knowledge and Attitude toward Pain Management in Gaza Strip, Palestine

Pain is considered as one of the most common reasons that oblige people to seek medical care. Graduates in nursing have a vital role in administering ... Read more


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A Case Report of a Robotic Thoracosopic Parathyroidectomy in a Community Hospital

Mediastinal parathyroid adenomas pose a technical challenge to surgeons, as they exist in remote and difficult to access locations. Historically, appr... Read more


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Demographic and Clinicopthologic Properties of Patients Operated for Adrenal Masses

The prevalence of adrenal incidentaloma is nearly 4 to 10% and increases with age. Most adrenal masses are nonfunctioning adrenocortical adenomas and ... Read more


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Innovation during Disruption: Implementing a Nurse Anesthesiology Educational Program during a Pandemic

The Johns Hopkins School of Nursing was scheduled to launch a new nurse anesthesiology program slated to be on-campus and in-person but this was plan ... Read more


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Examining the Relationship between Stress and Insulin Resistance in Civilians and Veterans

Stressful life events, particularly traumatic events, can produce a considerable if not significant stress, inducing insulin resistance and potentiall... Read more